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[Nettime-nl] Artimo bookpresentation Erik Wesselo/ Will Oldham

From: artimo
Subject: Artimo bookpresentation Erik Wesselo/ Will Oldham
Artimo presents Forest Time an artists book with LP by Erik Wesselo (Den
Bosch 1964), and music by Will Oldham (Louisville, Kentucky, 1965).

The presentation of this publication is on Saturday January 12, from 5-7 pm
at Annet Gelink Gallery, Laurierstraat 187-189 in Amsterdam . The exhibition
runs from January 12 through February 16, 2002. Retailprice: 18 EURO, ISBN

Erik  Wesselo has been making photographs for years, mostly polaroids of the
landscapes that constitute the scenery in his beautiful but disturbing 16-mm
films, such as Backward (1997), Dffels Mll (1997) and Isostar (1998). The
landscapes appear quite lovely and peaceful at first glance, but after a
while the viewer is overtaken by an ominous feeling. What is it about this
little piece of nature? What happened here? Wesselo brings these photos
together for the first timeas a complete series of ten landscapes .

The book is accompanied by music written and performed by American
singer/songwriter Will Oldham, the man behind Palace Music, The Palace
Brothers and Palace. At a very early age Oldham was already acting in a
number of feature films. His collaboration with Wesselo was difficult but
special. After two years Oldham, who had by then become a hip underground
musician, came up with a beautiful, melancholy eight-minute piece of film
music. This was transferred to an old-fashioned ten-inch gramophone record -
very different material from the digital recordings now commonly in use.
Visitors to the exhibition can listen to the music by means of headphones.

Erik  Wesselo completed the second stage of the post graduate Ateliers
programme in Arnhem in 1995. He has lived and worked in New York since 2000.
His work has been accepted by several important collections abroad. Wesselo'
s latest film, She did it again, 2001, is being shown at the Witte de With
in Rotterdam and Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris simultaneously with this

In the same period Annet Gelink Gallery presents the work 'The Hero (for
Antonio)', by Marina Abramovic (Belgrade, 1946). The exhibition runs from
January 12 through February 16, 2002. The opening is on January 12, from 5 -
7 pm. Annet Gelink Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, from 11 am to 7
pm, and on Saturdays from 1 -  5 pm.

Fokke Simonszstraat 8
NL- 1017 TG Amsterdam
T +31-20-330 2511
F +31-20-330 2512

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Davids; Onno Dirker; Meschac Gaba; Jeanne van Heeswijk; Philipppine Hoegen;
Kiki Lamers; Dana Lixenberg; Gabriel Orozco; Glenn Sorensen; Philippe
Terrier-Hermann; Lidwien van de Ven; a.o.

Magazines published by Artimo:
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