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[Nettime-nl] CONEXIÓN REMOTA: @ Macba - Barcelona

CONEXIÓN REMOTA: @ Macba - Barcelona

CONEXIÓN REMOTA is a selection of projects, curated by Roberta Bosco
and Stefano Caldana, as an online project of "ANTAGONISMOS. CASE STUDIES",
an exhibition of political art curated by Manuel Borja-Villel director of
Macba - Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (

and from 26 July to 14 October 2001
at Macba - Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (Spain).

"This selection is not based on a need to monumentalise and much
less to objectivise it or turn it into a fetish. Its aim is to establish
connections and open up a new area for debate, confrontation and critical
analysis. As well as testifying to the ever-increasing and improving digital
art efforts, all the projects selected reveal processes in which a large
number of people have intervened, dealing with the exchange of information,
action and reaction, real problems and situations which demand a stance.
Their authors want them to become catalysts for artistic expression and
public response, to serve as detonators and to point fingers, to make
understanding easy and if necessary, confrontation too."

Daniel García Andújar (Spain)
Apsolutno (Yugoslavia)
Andy Cox (USA)
Francesca da Rimini (Australia)
Andy Deck (USA)
Ricardo Dominguez (USA)
Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA)
Wesley Meyer (USA)
Antoni Muntadas (Spain)
Redundant Technology Initiative (UK)
®TMark (USA)
Surveillance Camera Players (USA).


Exhibition project curated by Manuel Borja-Villel and José Lebrero analysing
the political aspects and the element of activism in the artistic practices
that have emerged from the second half of the fifties up to the present day.
The scope of Antagonisms ranges out beyond the visual arts to include
architecture, film, design, photography, performance, theatre, music and
subcultures. The major artists featured in the show include Carl Andre,
Marcel Broodthaers, Daniel Buren, Andrea Fraser, Victor Grippo, Guerrilla
Girls, Hans Haacke, Alexander Sokurov, Harun Farocki, Gordon Matta-Clark,
Chris Marker, Mario Merz, Bruce Nauman, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Pedro G.
Romero, Gerhard Richter/Konrad Lueg, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, Jeff Wall
and Krysztof Wodiczko, among many others.

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