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[Nettime-nl] fw: Activist White Paper on the G8 in Kananaskis (english)

Independent Media Center

Activist White Paper on the G8 in Kananaskis (english)
Wednesday 01 Aug 2001
author: IMC-UK

White Paper on the G8 in Kananaskis


In order to avoid the impact of dissenting voices at next year's G8
Summit, Canada's Prime Minister (henceforth referred to as the Big
Cheese(TM)) has chosen to move the meeting to the mountain resort of
Kananaskis. In order to aid protesters in their planning, the
Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology (DIST) commissioned this
study to assess the prospects for direct action during the summit.

A number of our security experts visited the site, and conducted a
thorough survey of the area. Our top researchers then analyzed the data,
and have issued the following interim report. It is intended for
informational purposes only, and can serve as a basis for the first
spokescouncil meetings on August 25th (to be held in Edmonton).


Kananaskis was chosen by the Big Cheese(TM) because of its remote
location, and because the only road leading to the resort is easy to seal
off. However, the Cheese forgot one thing - the location is remote and is
easy to seal off.

The terrain is ideal for hippies, crappy for cops. Can you imagine riot
troops in full body armour plodding through dense forests? What were they
thinking?! Don't they remember Vietnam?! Don't they remember Return of the
Jedi when the Ewoks kicked Stormtrooper ass in the forest of Endor?


Protests around summits are usually given labels to mark a day of protest
(for example J26 to signify a protest on June 26th). It is advised that
protesters drop the numbers. The letter J will do nicely - a month of
intense resistance...and a refreshing change of tactics.


Early May: Hold a training camp in Kananaskis to allow participants to get
a feel for the location. Plan, strategize and hold workshops. Consider it
a dry run. Participants can learn vital skills such as how to incorporate
grizzly bears into a direct action.

June 1st: Tree huggers begin blockading the road leading in and out of
Kananaskis. A wilderness area should not have thousands of police plodding
through it. The road is ideal for Robin Hood tactics. Block-and-run style;
tripods; cars with their wheels removed. It's one real long road, and they
can't defend it. Stop The Man from setting up their security equipment and
preparing the site.

June 7th: Set up tent city on the edge of Kananaskis. Have a huge festival
of resistance including music, workshops, food, naked hippies. Create

June 10th: Critical Mass rides begin along the highway leading to the
site. Stockpiling mountain bikes will be key later on. When they block the
road, anarchists will bike around them.

June 13th: Affinity groups and assorted desparados move deep into the
zone, and set up outposts. Bring a video camera to protect yourselves from
getting batoned. Stick together. Pretend it's a giant game of hide and
seek. Use tactics inspired by the Ewoks. Maximum disruption combined with
maximum cuddliness. Anarcho-hippies can climb trees; they know how to use
ropes; they love it out in the mountains, and even enjoy eating fungus.
For a good laugh, watch the cops try to get protesters out of the tree
tops. Did you see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

June 22nd: The tent city moves onto the meeting site. Protesters seal off
the road before the cops do. Lockdowns, hiding, running, and regrouping.
With enough people, the space can be defended.

June 25th: For people that arrive late: hike into the zone. Don't forget
your rope ladders, and try to avoid the traffic jams along the hiking
trails. Ewoks shut down the force field generator. Watch in mild amusement
as the black-bloc searches in vain for a McDonald's to smash. Oh, did we
mention rope ladders? Victory will go to those with the most rope ladders
(and the best pants).

June 26th: Summit canceled - too many fuckin' Ewoks in the area.

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