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[Nettime-nl] call for submissions

den haag 2001 film and video festival
drebbelstraat 161
2522 ct den haag
the netherlands

+31 (0)70 414 0621

Call for Submissions

following the overwhelming success of the first den haag 2001 film and video
festival this past march, we are proud to announce that the next festival
will take place at a still to be determined date in december 2001. the first
festival featured film and video art installations and performances as well
as the screening of us filmmaker Hal Hartley¹s recent short film ³The New
Math(s)² and a retrospective of short films of Austin, Texas Cinemaker Film
Coop filmmakers.

the festival places an emphasis on short films as a viable medium in itself .
the program crosses borders between film and video, celluloid and the
internet, and installations, performances and screenings. in addition to
performances and video installations along the theme of ³flora and fauna²,
the first festival featured screenings of shorts, feature length and videos
from many genres including film noir, experimental, documentary, narrative,
western, sci-fi, horror, claymation, animation and comedy.

the theme of the second festival will be ³see/(h)ear², an exploration of the
interaction between the perceptions of seeing and (h)earing through a
combination of sound, film, video and the internet. submissions for
commissions are expected to fit this theme. it is not necessary for
screenings to fit the theme.

as such, we are now accepting submissions for the next festival in three
categories. there will be an honorarium for performances and installations.

‹interactive performances between film/video and sound/music (three
‹film and video installations (6 commissions, artist presence required)
‹film group/director retrospectives
‹open category screenings

all types of film and videos may be submitted. there are no submission forms
to fill out. all submissions must be on VHS or SVHS PAL and include no more
than 2 pages of documentation. all submissions will receive an email
verification only that they have been received. those submissions
originating on film may be screened in their original format. all video
submissions accepted for screening must eventually be provided in miniDV or
DVCam PAL formats. while there is no fee to submit, we can only return
submissions accepted for screening or commissions. all submissions must be
received by september 15, 2001. filmmakers whose work has been accepted for
screening will be notified in early october. please contact us if you have
any questions.

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