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[Nettime-nl] anti Taliban-practice petitie


Ik heb het bericht wat geschoond, zodat jullie alles onder
de lijn zo in een nieuw bericht kunnen plakken. Normaal
gesproken doe ik dit nooit, doorsturen, maar dit onderwerp
en op deze manier, daar wil ik wel wat voor doen (en jullie
kritiek trotseren ;-) Ik vind het best wel moeilijk; is
e-mail hiervoor bedoeld?. Maar aan de andere kant is dit de
meest integere e-mailmanier om die Taliban-klootzakken
misschien te laten weten dat veel andere wereldburgers hun
praktijken niet moeten. En zoveel tijd kostte dat schonen
ook weer niet.

Prettig weekend.



From: Giuliana D. Black

 This is an actual petition, and “signatures” will be lost
if you drop the line. Please take 3 minutes out of your life
to do your part.

Madhu, the government of Afghanistan, is waging a war upon
women. Since the Taliban took power in 1996, women have had
to wear burqua and have been beaten and stoned in public for
not having the proper attire, even if   this means simply
not having the mesh covering in front of their eyes. One
woman was beaten to death by an angry mob of fundamentalists
for accidentally exposing her arm(!) while she was driving.
Another was stoned to for trying to leave the country with a
man that was not a relative. Women are not allowed to work
or even go out in public without a male relative;
professional women such as professors, translators,
doctors,  lawyers, artists and writers have been forced from
their jobs and restricted to their homes. Homes where a
woman is present must have their windows painted so that she
can never be seen by outsiders. They must wear silent shoes
so that they are never heard. Women live in fear of their
lives for the slightest misbehavior. Because they cannot
work, those without male relatives or husbands are either
starving to death or begging the street, even if they hold
Ph.D.s. Depression is becoming so widespread that it has
reached  emergency  levels.

There is no way in such an extreme Islamic society to know
the suicide  rate with certainty, but relief workers are
estimating that the suicide rate among women must be
extraordinarily high: those who cannot find proper
medication and treatment for severe depression and would
rather take  their lives than live in such conditions.  At
one of the rare hospitals for women, a reporter found still,
nearly lifeless bodies lying motionless on top of beds,
wrapped in their burqua, unwilling to speak, eat, or do
anything, but slowly wasting away.  Others have gone mad and
were seen crouched in corners, perpetually rocking or
crying, most of them in fear. When what little medication
that is left finally runs out, one doctor is considering
leaving these women in front of the president’s residence 
as a form of protest. It is at the point where the term
“human rights violations” has become an understatement.

Husbands have the power of life and death over their women
relatives,  especially their wives, but an angry mob has
just as much right to stone or beat a woman, often to death,
for exposing an inch of flesh or  offending them in the
slightest way. Women enjoyed relative freedom: to  work, to
dress generally as they wanted, and to drive and appear in
public alone until only 1996. The rapidity of this
transition is the main reason for the depression and
suicide; Women who were once educators or doctors or simply
used to basic human freedoms are now severely restricted and
treated as subhuman in the name of right-wing fundamentalist
Islam. It is not their tradition or  ‘culture,’ but it is
alien to them, and it is extreme even for those cultures
where fundamentalism is the rule. Everyone has a right to a
tolerable human existence, even if they are women in a
Muslim country.

If we can threaten military force in Kosovo the name of
human rights for the sake of ethnic Albanians, citizens of
the world can certainly  express peaceful outrage at the
oppression, and injustice committed against women by the
Taliban.  (See Directions at End)

 STATEMENT: In signing this, we agree that the current
treatment of women in Afghanistan is completely UNACCEPTABLE
and deserves action by the  United Nations and that the
current situation overseas will not be tolerated. Women’s
Rights is not a small issue anywhere, and it is UNACCEPTABLE
for women in 2000 to be treated as subhuman and as so much
property.  Equality and human decency is a fundamental
RIGHT, not a freedom to be granted, whether one lives in
Afghanistan or elsewhere.

1),Giuliana D. Black Daly City,CA,USA
2) Mariam Nayiny, Palo Alto,CA,USA
3) Sunaina Gulati-Ruh, Palo Alto,CA,USA
4) Megan McCaslin, Palo Alto,CA,USA
5) Blake Halliana, San Francisco,CA,USA
6) Kit Henderson, Sacramento,CA,USA
7) Sara Myers, San Francisco,CA,USA
8) Ellen Tilden, San Fransisco,CA,USA
9) Vanessa Ross, San Francisco,CA,USA
10) Jenna Shaw- Battista, San Francisco,CA,USA
11) Jeanne Racik, Berkeley,CA,USA
12) Julie Silas, Oakland,CA,USA
13) Renee Longstreet, Tarzana,CA,USA
14) Susan Johnson, Encino,CA,USA
15) Kenneth Johnson, Encino,CA,USA
16) Terri Treas, Los Angeles,CA,USA
17) Amy Retzinger, North Hollywood,CA,USA
18) Babette Crooms, Los Angeles,CA,USA
19) Olivia Kienzel; Santa Barbara,CA,USA
20) Sean Dexheimer, Los Angeles,CA,USA
21) Elio Chavez, Jr., Pasadena,CA,USA
22) Gregory Kastigar, Los Angeles,CA,USA
23) Robert Collie, Los Angeles,CA,USA
24) Jeff Garvin, Brea,CA,USA
25) Tricia Allen, Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
26) Joleen Nordstrom, Hollywood,CA,USA
 27) Theresa Donahoe, Martinez,CA,USA
28) Jennifer Horn, Concord,CA,USA
29) Roxanne Ryan, Alamo,CA,USA
30) Miriam Tyler, San Jose,CA,USA
31) John Burns, San Jose,CA,USA
32) Kristin Lynn Minick, Fort Worth,TX,USA
33) Jeff Neal, Marietta,GA,USA
34) Anna Neal, Marietta, GA,USA
35) Frances Murley-Fort Worth,TX,USA
36) David Murley-London,England,UNITED KINGDOM
37) Jillian Dykhouse, Colleyville,TX,USA
38) Bonnie Dykhouse,Colleyville,TX,USA
39) Nancy Williams, Colleyville,TX,USA
40) Georgene Farr, Sterling Heights,MI,USA
41) Joanne Arensberg, Riverview,MI,USA
42) Luann Ouellette, Vermillion,SD,USA
43) Sandie Sullivan, Vermillion,SD,USA
44) Troy Nelson, Minneapolis,MN,USA
45) Joseph Miller, Minnepolis,MN,USA
46) Kathleen Miller, White Bear Lake,MN,USA
47) Jerry Marquis, Mpls.,MN,USA
48) Julie Stokes, Coon Rapids,MN,USA
 49) Tracy Ford, Blaine,MN,USA
50) Sheila Lawrence, Monticello,MN,USA
51) Brenda Kitchen, Westlake Village,CA,USA
52) Teresa Burke, Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
53) Bruce Ehrlich, Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
54) Yllania Francis, Los Angeles,CA,USA
55) Drew Hedin, Los Angeles,CA,USA
56) Laura Paridon, Laguna Woods,CA,USA
57) Jeanie Hagedorn, Des Moines,IA,USA
58) Sue Christensen, Des Moines,IA,USA
59) Sybil Finken, Glenwood,IA,USA
60) Luke Finken, Earth
61) Doug Gerace, Lincoln,NE,USA
62) Cheryl Gerace,NE,USA
63) Sheri Lew,CO,USA
64) Raven Grace,Boulder,CO,USA
65) Martha M.Mertz,EL,MI,USA
66) Colleen R. Cooper,Okemos,MI,USA
67) Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch, East Lansing,MI,USA
68) Margaret A. Meyers, Okemos,MI,USA
69) Mary Helen Espes, Okemos,MI,USA
70) Maureen Kirchhoff, Allenspark,CO,USA
71) Bart Johnson, Err, FRANCE
72) Sharon O’Connor, Olympia,WA,USA
73) Nancy Irving, Tbilisi, REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA
74) Martha Lindley, Seattle,WA,USA
75) Judith Alexander, Woodinville,WA,USA
76) Arlene B. Hawkinson, Seattle,WA,USA
77) Christine E. Mobley, Bothell,WA,USA
78) Trudie Breen,CA,USA
79) Catherine Standiford,CA,USA
80) Beverly Truett,AZ,USA
81) Christine Meehan,AZ,USA
82) Janice Gilbert, Valley Center,CA,USA
83) Dawna Upchurch, Anchorage,AK,USA
84) Roxanna Groves, Olympia,WA,USA
85) Lynda Lynde, Helena,MT,USA
86) Constance Gelu, University Place,WA,USA
87) Jodi Woolett, Tacoma,WA,USA
88) Lisa I. Reeves- Lynden,WA,USA
89) Amanda James-Bow,WA,USA
90) Kelli J. Smith, New Port Richey,FL,USA
91) Chris Poirier, Largo,FL,USA
92) Mike Carpenter, Palmetto,FL,USA
93) Alice Pryor, Melbourne,FL,USA
94) Ellen Catano, Manchester,NH,USA
95) Bevely Jennings, Cincinnati,OH,USA
96) Linda Feely, Norwood,OH,USA
97) Sherry Stidham, Norwood,OH,USA
98) Brittany Brown, Cincinnati,OH,USA
99) Sandy Brown, Cincinnati,OH,USA
100)Tim Brown, Cincinnati,OH,USA
101)Pat Brown, Cincinnati,OH,USA
102)Amy Cregger, Memphis,TN,USA
103)Kay Emerick, Logan,OH,USA
104)Trina Bookman, Logan,OH,USA
105)Mary Samuelson, St. Louis,MO,USA
106)Jeannette Ward, Memphis,TN,USA
107)Elisabeth Davis, Memphis,TN,USA
108)Rose Klimek, Memphis,TN,USA
109)BarbaraK. White, Hoquiam,WA,USA
110)Paula J. Eriksen, Palm Harbor,FL,USA
111)Ragnar Eriksen, Palm Harbor,FL,USA
112)Marilyn King, CLEARWATER,FL,USA
113)Barbara Stiner,Oldsmar,FL,USA
114)Jac’line Weisgerber,Clearwater,FL,USA
115)Charlotte Beadles, Douglasville, GA,USA
116)Jody Hoadley, Powder Springs,GA,USA
117)Hope Howard, Atlanta,GA,USA
118)Cliff Howard, Atlanta,GA USA
119)Kay Chicoine, Atlanta,GA,USA
120)Mark Chicoine, Atlanta,GA,USA
121)Paula King, Lexington,KY,USA
122)Sally Weissman,Minneapolis,MN,USA
123)Susan Abbott, New Brighton,MN,USA
124)Rachel Fine, St. Louis Park,MN,USA
125)Deb Harley,Eden Prairie, MN,USA
126)Barb Handahl,Faribault, MN,USA
127)Ann Olson,Chamberlain,SD,USA
128)Deb Hunt,Sioux Falls,SD,USA
129)Anne Frankman, Sioux Falls,SD,USA
130)Susie Kostel, Tabor,SD,USA
131)Julie Anderson, Mount Prospect,IL,USA
132)Janet Tilden, Fremont,NE,USA
133)Debbie Bowman, Kingston Springs,TN,USA
134)Shari Watkins, Franklin,TN,USA
135)Teresa Beck, Columbia,TN,USA
136)Don Hill, Nashville,TN,USA
137)Suzanne Supplee, Reistertown,MD,USA
138)Mina Dillard-Gits, Agoura Hills,CA,USA
139)Negrita Jayde, Venice,CA,USA
139)Gregory Hines, Venice,CA,USA
140)Laurie Fierstein, New York,NY,USA
141)Cecelia Casey, New York,NY,USA
142)Shana Deane, New York,NY,USA
143)Lynn Neal ,Newark,DE,USA
144)Rosemary Lane, Bear,DE,USA
145)Andrea Arena, Newark,DE,USA
146)Rick Neidig, Wilmington,DE,USA
147)Lisa Dill, Wilmington, DE, USA
148)Donna Staring, Newark,DE,USA
149)V.C. Hernandez, Miami,FL, USA
150)G.L. Gonzalez, Miami, FL, USA
151) K. Casey, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
152) A. Lewis, Dallas, TX, USA
153) S. Shepard, Chicago, IL, USA
154) S. Arthur, Memphis, TN USA
155) C. Lee, Knoxville, TN USA
156) A. Toland, Dallas, TX USA
157) F. Lidji, Dallas, TX USA
158) M. Howell, NYC, NY
159) PPHooks, MD, USA
160) Hunter Armistead, Nashville TN, USA
161) Susan Tinney, Nashville TN, USA
162) David Ribar, Nashville TN, USA
163) E. Michael Harrington, Franklin TN, USA
164) Abigail B. Burke, Nashville TN, USA
165) Angela Shedd, Nashville TN, USA
166) Charlotte A. Reichley, Nashville, TN, USA
167) Elizabeth Gardner, Nashville, TN, USA
168) Claire M. Carrico, Nashville, TN, USA
169) Jeanie M. Taylor, Nashville, TN, USA
170) Sherry P. Armistead, Nashville, TN, USA
171) Rebecca Walsh, Hartford, CT, USA
172) Susan Durham, Nashville, TN , USA
173)Melanie Collett, Atlanta, GA, USA
174) Priscilla Miosi, Marietta, GA, USA
175) Melisa Baltes, Powder Springs, GA, USA
176) Tiffany Johnson, Canton, GA., USA
177) Victor Bennett, San Francisco Area, CA, USA
178) Clarence Bennett, Tybee Island, GA, USA
179) Vance Ross, Savannah, GA, USA
180) Hope Meeks, Savannah, GA, USA
181) Carolyn Harper, Savannah, GA, USA
182.) Len Calderone, Carlsbad, CA, USA
183) Tom Williamson, Chandler, AZ, USA
184) Ann Williamson, Chandler, AZ, USA
185) Sean Williamson, Chandler, AZ, USA
186) Francesca Lopez, Hilo, HI, USA
187) Dwyna Lopez, Hilo, HI, USA
188) James Potter, Hilo, HI, USA
189) Kathy Gibson, Palmdale, CA USA
190) Carol Marks, Hillsboro, MO USA
191) Faye Probus, St Louis, Mo,USA
192 Patti Anderson, St Louis Mo USA
193) Karen Evans, St. Louis, Mo USA
194) Alexis Wilson-Kirk, St. Louis, MO USA
195) Francesca Harris, Deltona, FL USA
196) Marlene Patton, San Antonio, TX USA
197) Doreen CLower, Bowie, MD USA
198) Christi Mackie, Hyattsville, MD USA
199) Sharon Russell, Memphis, TN USA
200) Bruce Baldwin, Springfield,VA USA
201) Ron Richardson, Washington, DC
202) Robin Richardson, Washington, DC
203) Renee’ Langford, Crofton, MD
204) John Carrese, Oakland, CA, USA
205) Rashaida Nirobe, San Leandro, CA, USA
206) Lana Holmes, Novato, CA, USA
207) Susan Pieper-Bailey, Novato, CA  USA
208) Marybeth Thoren, London, England
 209) Harriet Brooke, London, England
210 Christine Wildhaber, London, England
211 Debbie Mortimer, Melbourne, Australia
212)Helen Szoke, Melbourne, Australia.
213)Jenny Gunning,Bath,England
214) Mogens Lehmann, Grenoble, France
215) Jørgen Ingerslev, Aarhus,  Denmark
216) Reinhard Schneppenheim, Hamburg, Germany
217) Alfried Kohlschuetter, Hamburg, Germany
218) Hermann Zeumer, Hamburg Germany
219) Hannelore Krömer, Hamburg, Germany
220) Alexandra Bussopulos, Germany
221) Hans Schultze-Jena,  Hamburg,  Germany
222) Dietmut Niedecken, Hamburg, Germany
223) Wolfgang Jantzen, Bremen, Germany
224) Georg Feuser, Bremen, Germany
225) Hans ten Ham, Arnhem, Netherlands
226)Martine Derks, Arnhem, Netherlands
227) Pauline Derks, Nijmegen, Netherlands
228) Anneke Hulshoff, Nijmegen, Netherlands
229) Richard Reekers, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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2)Sign the bottom, and
3) Send it to everyone on your distribution lists.
4) If you receive this list with more than 300 names on it,
please  e-mail a copy of it to: sarabande@brandeis.edu

<<Even if you decide not to sign, please be considerate and
do not kill the petition >>

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