Jo van der Spek on Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:39:25 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] welkom Slobo

dear Slobo,

We welcome yu on Dutch territory!
Yu will have a chance to face the immaculate investigators of NIOD
Never heard of them? It's the Netherlands Institute for War
It is supposed to give the final historic judgement on who is
responsible for the fall of Srebrenica. The predictable outcome:
everybody is responsible, so nobody is guilty. Just what our politicians
love to hear.
And Yu'll be in good company: the Crown Prince of the Netherlands just
this week gave his testimony on who drank most of the beer at the
welcome party for Dutchbat in Zagreb. (the Crown Prince himself, of
course). By the way, his father-in-law is also going to a tribunal in
Anyway, we Dutchmen are very happy to finally welcome in yu the Real
Evil. That's just what we need. Belgium has Dutroux, France Papin and
Germany a lot of, well Germans of course. But in Holland we only have
good guys. We have to import evil.
We tried to become evil ourselves by going to Srebrenica, bombing
Belgrade and chasing Coke-dealers in Colombia. But it didn't turn out
convincing enough: we still can't believe Dutch can do serious harm or
even evil, even abroad. We had some excesses back in the fourties in
Indonesia, and some looking away during WWII, but it always took too
long to realize that it was us, and not our fathers, to have a serious
Thank Good we have Yu now.
We wish yu good luck during your "inburgeringsproces", your integration
in Dutch society: try some cycling while in The Hague, don't refuse any
offer of drugs (it may kill yu, but even that's legal here), and feel
free to have all your family and close friends join the party. Make
yourself, and us, comfortable.

yours sincerely

Jo van der Spek, journalist, program maker & tactical media consultant
H. Seghersstraat 46
1072 LZ Amsterdam
tel. +31.20.6718027
mob. +6.51069318

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