Judit Takács on 20 Aug 2000 20:58:41 -0000

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thank you for your support!

in the meanwhile - after a journalist started to investigate the case - Meeus
contacted Chris and offered a settlement. so now we seem to be left in peace,
and hopefully all legal procedures will shortly be resolved. when that's
happened we'll write up the whole case and we will post it. so now it is not
chris' interest to apply pressure on Meeus.

once again many many thanks for everyone's support!


Zenon Panoussis wrote:

> > Chris is a Dutch man...
> > Anyway, it seems that after about half a year the Meeus decided to take
> > Chris to court...
> I am on a mailing list to which Patrice forwarded your mail. In order to
> put some "general pressure" on Meeus I would like to know Chris surname.
> Regards,
> Z
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