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[Nettime-nl] Fw: hEXPO festival 2000

> *****please excuse cross postings*****
> ---hEXPO---
> International Festival of Self Organizing Cultural Forms
> August 17th - September 15th, 2000
> Maribor, Ljubljana, Koper - Slovenia
> hEXPO is a combination of festival and free summer university. Among its
> major aspects are: the establishment of digital platform that will
> connect all alternative cultural centres, radio stations and media
> laboratories in slovenia; introduction and implementation of full-circle
> production practice through interweaved educational, social and artistic
> activities; creative meetings and active exchange between the
> individuals of different generations and profiles, from world-wide, who,
> by their works and existences, are themselves promoters of such
> interdisciplinary approaches. 
> Events in the three cities will be synchronized and regularly streamed
> on the internet. Please check the website for details:
> http://www.radiostudent.si/mzx/hexpo/

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