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[Nettime-nl] [Waag] 3rd International Browserday - Amsterdam May 19th





For the third consecutive year the Society for Old and New Media, presents
in co-operation with De Balie, Paradiso and NL Design the International
Browserday. The Browserday will take place at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 19

The International Browserday is a competition challenging design students
to offer an appealing alternative for the existing browsers.

Students of international arts academies are invited to compete in the
Browser Competition with an original design. This year's theme is The End
of the Browsers. The integration of internet and television is almost a
fact. What does this mean for users? An extension of the possibilities to
be a producer of media oneself, or just a new way of consuming?

The thirty best designs will be presented by their makers in a 3 minute
knock out show. Showmaster is John Thackara, initiator and organiser of
the Doors of Perception conferences. On top of the presentations,
international interaction and multimedia designers will be invited to show
their work.

A jury of professionals from the design, media and IT branche will
determine who gets the Browser Award. The award will be handed over
ceremoniously to conclude the day of presentations. Earlier winners were
 Joes Koppers for his 'Browser' (1998) and Andrej Mrackovski for 'Enzyme'

Invitations were sent to a.o.: Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Utrecht School for
the Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Royal College of Art (UK), Academy of
Media Arts (Germany), Domus Academy (Italy), Media GN (NL), HFG Wuppertal
(Germany), Vienna Hogeschule fur Angenahme Kunst (Austria), University of
Art and Design UIAH (Finland).

The Society for Old and New Media is a medialab and institute for
communications technology which facilitates, supports and advises specific
participants of the information society.

The Society for Old and New Media
Philippe Taminiau -
Tel. +31 20 557 9898 - Fax +31 20 557 9880

Sponsor Browser Award: KPN Telecom . With support of: Mondriaan Foundation,
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Digital City Amsterdam (DDS)

Subscription details:

Subscription is open for

The 3rd International Browser Competition

for Design and Arts students

19 May 2000 - Paradiso Amsterdam

The End of the Browsers

Choose your Future

With the mega-deal of AOL and Time Warner the stage is set for the final
fusion of television and internet. Maybe this will mean the end of the
Internet as the open medium it once promised to become. Around the world
media moguls are investing billions of dollars into the 'high-bandwidth
channels', 'content formats' and 'user interfaces' of the future media
landscape. To what purpose? In the sceptic view, we are seeing the next
couch potato medium being created. The net of the future is simply going
to be television enhanced with a "BUY NOW!" button. All you will have to
do is sit back and click.

Are you going to be content with that?

Optimists however firmly believe TV is finally handing over power to the
net and lots of exciting possibilities will open up. Everybody will be
able to make their own media and be a broadcaster.

Which future will you choose?

Submit your design

Academies, design & arts students, and young designers throughout Europe
(and beyond) are invited to submit bold views and daring designs for the
ultimate media-interface. Go beyond the browser into a media territory 'no
man or woman has gone before', and make your way to fame in the grand hall
of Paradiso, Amsterdam on Friday, May the 19th.

The 30 best submissions will be presented by the makers in a dazzling show
program in Paradiso, accompanied by presentations of the world's best and
worst in interactive and multimedia design. Your utopian and/or distopian
scenarios will be analysed by a high ranking international jury of design,
media and IT specialists.  Showmaster will be John Thackara, a.o.initiator
of the Doors of Perception conference.


The day will be concluded with the 3rd International Browser Award
ceremony at which the winner will be presented with a serious award.
Previous winners are Joes Koppers with 'Browser' and Andrej Mrackovski
with 'Enzyme'. Both enjoyed media attention as offspring of the well
publicized Competition

To subscribe go to:

or contact:
Philippe Taminiau -  Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam - tel ++ 31
20 5579898 or email: -

The 3rd International Browser Day is a Backbone initiative of the Society
for Old and New Media in co-operation with De Balie, Paradiso and

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