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<nettime> call for soundscape art works


Symposium En Red 0  1999 is dedicated to Soundscape
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona (Spain)
November 10th-12th 1999

Symposium En Red 0  1999 is dedicated to Soundscape. We call for sound art
& music works related. Selected works will be programmed in chill-out
sessions providing a platform for works produced from materials related to
some aspect of the Soundscape of the creators' environments. The chill-out
sessions will be devoted to the Soundscapes of Barcelona and World
Soundscapes (other cities and environments). Works of all aesthetic
tendencies will be welcome.

Deadline for reception of works: september 30th, 1999.
Formats admitted:  data CD-ROM with AIFF, SND (Mac) or Wave (PC) files- 16
bit, 44.1 KHz, CD-Audio and DAT.

Postal packages should be sent to:
Orquestra del Caos/En Red O
Montalegre, 5

The results of these three days will be made into an audio CD-ROM including
the theoretical contributions and extracts from the works programmed.

As of early October, extracts of the works selected will be on show at:

En Red O is an electronic-electroacoustic music and sound art symposium
held yearly and organised by Asociaciˇn de Musica Electroac˙stica de
Espa˝a,  Coclea and Orquestra del Caos. It takes place at the Mirador of
the Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, a huge cultural center
dedicated to urban and humanistic contemporary culture.

This year En Red 0 is dedicated to sound and music related to Soundscapes.
We use the therm soundscape as used by World Soundscape Project comunity
>or Music Department of Simon Frazer University. they take it from Murray
>Shaffer's therminology. soundscape is a sonic landscape, the whole set of
>sonic informations which can reach your conscience in a given
>environmental context. you can also see it as the whole set of sonic
>objects (in therminology of Pierre Schaeffer) in a given environmental
Talks and discussions are combined with chill-out sessions (about 6-8 hours
per day) in calm cool space (Mirador of the Center) . People can come an go
at any time and listen what is on in any moment or come for a particular
request, listening to a particular wotc, etc.
This means that there is not live performance programmed. Anyhow, we are
also interested in live projects as we program other events along the year,
so your information about them is welcome even if we cannot accept them for
En Red 0.

Works are selected taking into account creative quality, technical quality,
fitting with  year's subject (this year, soundscapes) and  lenght  (10
minutes max.) .

We will quotate author's name either in the Symposium's papers and in the
specific program. Author's copyrihgts will be arranged with spanish
author's society SGAE. We do not pay any artist directly. We will also
quotate names and logos of all institutions and associations which will
collaborate with us.

Some unedited works will be recorded on an enhanced cd as a result of hte
symposium. Choosen authors will be contacted for request.

Organised by Orquestra del Caos. C˘clea. AMEE.
With the collaboration of Arsonal, CCCB and ICUB

For more information, please contact:

Clara Gari

If you receive this information more than once or it does not interest you,
please inform us : we will bear it in mind next time.


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