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<nettime> Interactive Art Show: *mixed mess@ge* [NYC, Fri 28 May - Mon 31 May]

*mixed mess@ge*

in association with


The exhibit is taking place at Dance Theater Workshop at 219 West Street in 
the never-used-before ground floor space.  The event is free.  The entire 
exhibit schedule is as follows: 

May 28-31               Friday - Monday     noon-6pm

Enter a room of adult toys and televisions, knickknacks and faintly
humming stringed things.  To the right, a small cabinet that invites
you to enter and be preserved for virtual posterity, to the left a
contraption that reacts to your presence with a dissonant squeal of
pleasure.  In Bad Science a wide range of artists play with the
question of technology and interactive art.  Some exhibits absorb and
incorporate you into the landscape while others offer a suprising
perspective shift.  In each piece the viewer is the primary cause, the
"switch" that turns on an event.  Projects range from a bicycle-driven
gamelon to an e-book that shunts back and forth between familiar
sentences but refuse s a closer look. Artists represented include
sculptors, photographers, lighting, costume and sound designers,
videographers, directors and composers.  

Visit the website at www.mixedmsg.com

Gabriel Berry        Jim Findlay            Ruben Puentedura
Anney Bonney         Mimi Goese             James Rattazzi
Tom Burckhardt       Hilary Harp            Leslie Ross
Tony Carruthers      Anja Hitzenberger      Charlie Steiner
Janet D. Clancy      Koosil-ja              Mike Taylor
Pau Clay             David Leslie           Markus Wessendorf
Brian Dewan          David Meschter         Guy Yarden
Jody Elff            Andrew Perret           

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