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X-Comment: Global day of action against financial markets

Dear Friends

As you are probably aware, the events happening on June 18 promise to be truly
memorable, the first time in the history of the planet that activists have
linked up, globally, in the fight against globalisation and greed. However,
June 18 is not even half of the story!  The G8 super-states are meeting, in
Koln, Germany, on June 18,19,20.  On the 19, a big demo has been organised
aginst G8.

     On 14/6/97, during the Eurotop meetings in Amsterdam 2000 Italian radicals
hopped on a tain from Milan and as a gesture of resistance, refused to pay
money and refused to show passports on their trip up to Amsterdam.  This is a
call for activists fom London and Paris, Brussels and Berlin, Paris and
Switzerland, and anywhere else within an overnight train-ride of Koln.  After a
hard days action, get together en-masse at your main train station and get on a
train for Koln and let us turn June 19 into another day to remember.

     Why should YOU not pay? Increasing privatisation of 'public' transport all
over Europe only leads to substandard conditions for both passengers (ever been
forced to wait ages for a train that has broken down, due to faulty
mechanisms?) and workers (how many more strikes will be necessary, for decent
working conditions?).  Besides, we can't afford to line the Bosses wallet, can

     Why should YOU not have a passport? As a symbol of resistance to a racist
police super-state which kills foregners and crushes dissent, whilst building
an ever stronger 'Fortress Schengen' which is rotten at it's very core, thanks
to the cancers of MAI and GATT.

     The plan is, in London, to meet on the evening of the 18, at 1900 SHARP in
front of the International Ticket Office to board the 1927 Eurostar service to
Brussels, the next morning meet up with activists from Brussels, Paris and
beyond to travel en-masse onto Koln for the demonstration. The decision as to
when to return will be decided by those present on the day.

     You will need to bring some money, at least, for food, but the choice of a
passport is entirely upto you.

     YOU CAN HELP US IMMEASUREABLY BY: spreading this news as far and wide as
possible, contacting ANY sympathetic union especially Rail and Ferry unions,
providing contacts abroad especially re. accomodation in Koln and Brussels,
sending us money (through Reclaim the Streets).

     To receive any of the following send us a blank request with the title in
the subject field.

     3 letters availiable: no1 for activists
                           no2 for trade unions
                           no3 for the media and public

     A detailed history of the last such action, as mentioned above

     Coming soon    What to expect, with maps, contacts, etc.

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                The A-Infos News Service

"There are no limits to creativity . There is no end to subversion."
Raoul Vaneigem - The Revolution of Everyday Life.

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