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Re: <nettime> Re: the personal is political?

     [orig to Matthew Smith <>]


You are so concerned with the grand design of world geo-politics that you
have lost sight of the only real issue: the deliberate and long-planned
campaign of extermination and expulsion in Kosovo. Are you so stupid that
you can't recognise the similarity between the Serbian assault on the
Kosovan population and what happened when the Nazis invaded Russia? Have
you already forgotten what happened in Croatia and Bosnia? How can you be
so callous to turn away from the suffering of  your fellow humans?

You and all the other pacifist bullshitters are trying to deny the arms,
air support and other aid which the Kosovars desperately need to defend
themselves against Serbian fascism. At this very moment, ill-equipped KLA
partisans are trying to defend villages in central Kosovo. Are you going to
tell them that they shouldn't call for help from American imperialism?
Would you have the courage to do what they are doing?

A Kosovan representative said yesterday that: "To oppose the bombing is to
support fascism in Europe, to support the new Holocaust." Do you dare to
disagree with her analysis? Or are you so smug and comfortable with your
lazy leftie prejudices that you cannot listen to the victims of genocide?

Victory to the KLA!!



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