Richard Barbrook on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:06:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: the personal is political?


Yeah, the personal is political. Being the victim of a deliberate and
long-planned campaign of genocide is very personal. Drunken Serbian fascists
armed to the teeth are murdering, raping, looting and burning in Kosovo. Very
personal, very intimate. Don't you remember Vukovar, Sarajevo and so many
other places where these war crimes have already occured? Doesn't the Greek
Left have one gram of compassion for the intense suffering of the Kosovan
people? Or are they so blinded by Stalinist and nationalist myths that they
will go out on to the streets in support of the Serbian death squads? 

Shame on them and all the appeasers of Belgrade. Shame on Noam Chomsky for
producing legalistic excuses for looking away and doing nothing while people
die and suffer. Shame on Tony Benn for repeating Serbian fascist propaganda.
Shame on all the pacifists who oppose military aid for the Kosovan resistance
in its hour of greatest need. Shame on the Luther Blissett Project for
forgetting the help given by American and British imperialism to the Italian
Partisans. You all share some of the guilt for the genocide which is now
going on. Shame on the whole lot of you. 

Victory to the KLA!!



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