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<nettime> digital threats being analog indeed.


digital threats being analog indeed.
[a view on global stupidity and conformism among computer users and
people in general]

living in belgrade, being directly under bombing, being absolutelly
against yugoslav government, and being absolutelly against any kind of
monopolism and domination, i reallly have the urge to write my view on
this complete matter - the situation many of us have no clue, the
situation where people like me are not willing to fight for neither side
because of their absolute wrongness, the situation where only thing that
matters is to keep up with people whom do you trust, regardless the
location, nation and wealth.

first, please realise that i've never been into politics. however my 10
year long work as a computer artist, hacker and organiser of 
undergroung computer group corrosion helped me to witness how more and
more cultural/digital issues are getting influenced by politics, being
it financial takeover in software, hardware or just what is considered
as digital art... governments merged as international corporations and
alliances, digital expression [also known as art] is also being
controlled by companies and corporations, and it seems that the final
cleanup has started. [yeah this is the short short version, but i really
don't have the nerve to write an essay, 'cause i don't feel like a
reporter at this moment...]

disobediance of any kind, being it in computer software, hardware or
just plain economy is treated with isolation and then, if that don't
work - bombs. will someone send me the police one day because i don't
use wintel machine and get me into prison for having an amiga on my
table? it seems more and more like it...

and please tell me, is that the world you'd like to live in?

as time passes by, it becomes obvious that something stinks bigtime. the
kosovo problem quickly unveiled how really new world order works - being
an outrageous domination of financial gigants and their army forces - it
resembles the most darkest thoughts and paranoia among people all round
the world. the global community now has probably the last chance to
think about how they are being absolutelly controlled by separation in
small environments and limited to only what goverment[s?] let them do.

the latest demonstration of power, put against yugoslav citizens,
although meant for weakening of milosevic's regime, just helped him to
reestablish his patriotic regime of ignorance and fascism. the minority
of people represented in the yugoslav government now has the power to
act on all independent media and people and mark them as traitors, radio
b92 was one of their first attacks, but soon we expect more. while
hiding from repression we all must hide from bombs too. creepy situation
indeed. friends suggest me to leave the country, but why and where? it's
nothing more than offer to go to another place which is so very same -
again i'll have to use cripled software and adjust our art to suit the
mainstreams. thanks, but not interested.

on the other side, nato just unveiled what many have feared - they are
unstoppable to do whatever they want - in order to make europe stable
market for their products and more weapons and military bases - getting
nearer to russia and china in order to overtake the complete world. just
like that, they've engaged their planes and rockets against independent
country fighting with internal terrorist forces - an act nowone in this
world should consider normal. there are far to many examples of the same
situations all over the world, where minority is trying to establish
their own country - but kosovo seems to be the only one considered as
not being that.

it is so obvious that their need for world domination has become open
threat to humanity - by demonstrating that they don't need a permission
from world organization, they literally took over the role of world
policemen. not seeing that aspect is nothing less than act of pure

nowone can't stop them now, UN exists no more because they depend of
america and west; europe exists no more - it is becoming nothing more
than american industry slave. believe it or not, this is probably start
of the modern war, the WW3 we all feared from - controllled by western
news broadcasted by western satellites all over the world, there is no
objective information anymore, a total media darkness, here, there,
everywhere. [do you really believe that milosevic is capable of
organising demonstrations in macedonia, greece, france, new zealand,
britain...?]. only the net still provides some means of free
information, but for how long? we all witness the laws against privacy
and censorship, how about start taking it seriously, as it is?

gee, i just hope i'm totally wrong, and that all i've written is totally
untrue, but please give some evidence. living on the net as underground
hacker, hiding identity and location and using 'illegal' encryption
software like pgp seems like the only privacy we'll ever have. and for
how long the network will live on befoire it becomes nothing more than
another commercial billboard? who knows... i hope we'll have some time
to live on before they pull the plug, and flush us all down...

and sorry for this chaotic pile of bad written english.

domin8r/corrosion, writting from belgrade's secret hideout.

domin8r/corrosion from secret hideout.
stay tuned.
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