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<nettime> info not bombs (make money not war)

why does the nato bombs military command and control
centers to make the population more and more angry
and even serbian intellectuals ambivalent to stand
behind Milosevic? 

the first thing would have been to put Serbian
propaganda out of function.

- strong AM, FM, and UHF positioned at rest-Yugoslavian
  borders transmitters sending MTV, mixed with a
   new Alternative Independent Serbia Program (AISP)
  (sponsored by bennetton, nike, adidas, siemens)

- b52 and stealth bombers dropping history books, 
  mc donalds flyers and EU t-shirts

- an internet campaign
  serbian government sites getting hacked by young 
  american patriots, names of serbian citizens in
  albania get published on the usenet. 

- a fax campaign
  serbian fax numbers get published on the internet
  companies sponsor mass fax activities

- a telephone campaign
  a complete telephone directory of serbian telephone
  numbers gets published by a european telephone company
  free international phonecalls to serbia

- a religous campaign
  the pope sponsors 100.000 of his new audio cds to
  add to the info not bombs fund. 

- a sex campaign
  100s of dutch sex workes get payed to infiltrate the
  serbian military, the EU porn industry sponsors material
  for 'AISP'. Yoko Ono makes a performance in pristina. 

- meanwhile the british secret service exchanges milosevic
  with a double who then declares war to the marsians 

- invasion from mars campaign
  under development - orson welles famous radio
  program gets sponsored for the info fund.

- altavista offers a new babelfish option, 
  serbo-croatian into english, french, german
  and back again.

- Deutsche Bank offers special bank accounts
  for Serbian citizens if they convert their money
  into euros. 

to be completed ...


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