lisa haskel on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 21:38:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Radio Deep Europe - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

(please circulate this message)

Dear syndicalists, Dear xchange, dear all,

We are planning RADIO DEEP EUROPE  here in London.  Our intention 
is to make our first netcast tomorrow night,  Saturday,  for around 
1 hour, starting at 5pm  UK time, 6pm CET, from Backspace - a 
small independent media lab here.  

WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!!! We know we won't change the world, 
but we just want to show that there are stories and work going 
on beyond nationalisms, NATO jingoism and the "Clobba 
Slobba" headlines we have here.  And we could also use this to 
start debate on the issues for the "international community", 
in particular policies on refugees and asylum seekers.  This should 
be a space for Deep European news and views.

In the Programme:

-personal reports and views from list, plus any additional 
information sources we can find through our own networks. 
-your audio contributions... you can upload sound files via the 
web. Use: 
OR: suggest to us what you would like to hear and we can try to find 
- english-language news from b92.-Live or pre-recorded. 
- material from Micz Flor's work at Public Netbase
- telephone conversations on 00 44 171 2340804. Email us if you would 
like to do this.  We are trying to set up an automated message box - 
more details on this will follow.

Rachel Baker will make a special edition of her personal news 
service: PPP: re-versioned from the news media here 
Lisa Haskel will compile the list postings and deep contributions. 
Manu Luksch will  assemble texts  and sounds from other independent 
media sources.
Toni Prug will correspond with Croatian connections

We particularly need to find out more about the independent 
media situation in Kosovo iself so please point us to information 
if you can.

We will compile the programme with live chat from Backspace, with 
the participation and help also of friends and colleagues who are 
here in London.   Please put any friends, particularly from the 
whole ex-yugoslav and albanian diasporas who may in in London in 
touch with us.  All will be welcome.

We hope you will want to contribute.  Texts and suggestions can 
be emailed to me or to the Syndicate list.   We will post the 
upload and live stream details again tomrrow. The programme will 
be archived and accessible after the broadcast.

We are also issuing a press release about the b92 and other 
independent medias campaign to the news media here.

Write... Record.. Listen...!!!

Lisa  Rachel  Manu

Upload site:

Live stream on:
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