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<nettime> Comunicados de las comunidades zapatistas:

Comunicados de las comunidades zapatistas:

Companheros and Companheras of the different villages and

Brothers and Sisters of national and international civil society.

We are  gathered together here, not to celebrate a fiesta but rather,
we are here to give witness one more time, to the criminal and
bloody actions of the illegitimate governments of Roberto Albores
Guillen and of president Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon.   These
gentlemen of power and money, have accomplished one more time,
their multiple crimes and their dirty and genocidal war waged against
the indigenous peoples of Chiapas and all of Mexico.

On the 10th of the present month, to this community: Union Progreso,
arrived hundreds of State Public Security Police, federal army
soldiers, and paramilitary groups that encircled the community,
and entered destroying everything and beating and interrogating.
The ones who tried to flee, where shot at by the federal soldiers
and the Public Security.   One companhero dropped dead and
six others fell wounded and were taken alive and tied up, by
the federal soldiers and Public Security of the State.   But these
companheros wounded by federal soldiers and State Public Security
were executed by orders of the State and Federal Governments.

In the community of Chavajeval, on the same day, June 10th, hundreds
of federal soldiers and State Public Security, supported by
helicopters with guns and war planes, took over the community.
They arrived shooting their weapons and throwing tear gas over
the civilian population, where hundreds of children, women, elderly
and men tried to flee to the mountain, but were chased.   In these
repressive action of the bad government, two companheros died,
and several of them were detained and taken alive, like animals,  in the

vehicles of Public Security and of the federal soldiers.   But if
today they come to return our dead companheros who were taken
alive, then they were executed by the federal soldiers and the Public
Security.   We accuse the criminal governments of Roberto Albores
Guillen and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, as the intellectual
authors of this crime against the people of San Juan de la Libertad
and we ask punishment for these criminals and cowards.

The murder of these companheros,zapatista bases of support;
has been prepared, planned and ordered by these governments
of Roberto Albores Guillen and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon,
it is they who ordered the death of these companheros, they
are the direct responsible for these crimes, they are the ones
who do not get tired to organize and prepare  war and destruction
against the indigenous peoples.

But we want to tell these gentlemen, Roberto Albores Guillen and Ernesto

Zedillo Ponce de Leon, that they are criminal and bloody governments,
that we will not remain silent, nor with arms folded, that our dead
will not be silent, they will continue to speak so that others may
speak and live.   That they will not be able to stop with bullets,
bombs, cannons, tanks and war planes, the just struggle of
the zapatista indigenous peoples.   They can imprison many, they
can kill hundreds or thousands of us, but they will never be able
to kill our conscientious struggle, our conviction and our reason
to be as a people.

In every drop of blood spilled by our fallen companheros, ten,
hundred , thousand zapatistas are born and we will continue to
struggle, because we the poor, have the force of reason.

We the zapatista indigenous of this Municipality of San Juan de la
Libertad and of the 32 other Autonomous Municipalities.


San Juan de la Libertad, San Pedro Chenalho', Nuevo Bochil, JItotol,
Ixtapa, Simojovel, vicente Guerrero, Francisco Villa, Benito Juarez,
Jose' Maria Morelos y Pavo'n, San Pedro Michoacan, Maya,
Ricardo Flores Mago'n, San Salvador, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla,
Cabanha, Sakamanch'en de los Pobres, Santa Catarina, Magdalena de la
Paz, Cancuc, Huitiupan, Sabanilla, Trabajo, Independencia, La Paz,
Libertad de los Pueblos Mayas, Tierra y Libertad, Francisco Gomez,
San Manuel, Diecisiete de Noviembre, Ernesto Che Guevara, Primero de
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