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<nettime> Technoblather remarks and 2 entries [scotartt, bront davis]

date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 12:53:47 -0700
from: Nino Rodriguez <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Nettime Technoblather Writing Contest

I like the list as it is. Reads like 90's beat poetry, or maybe
technocentric hip-hop lyrics.

> ====DA LIST====
> aesthetic technicians
> Zapatista international

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date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 22:14:29 +0200
from: udo noll <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Nettime Technoblather Writing Contest

Gerard Van der Leun:

well, I thought this was a job for Mr.King
klick and 
make money fast.
regards, un@
/me: core media exp 
// -->

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date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:25:57 -0500
from: Gerard Van der Leun <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Nettime Technoblather Writing Contest

udo noll wrote:
> Gerard Van der Leun:
> >
> >
> well, I thought this was a job for Mr.King
> klick and
> make money fast.

I'm not saying a robot can't win, but it will
have to be a much better robot than that.

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date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 12:58:32 +1000
from: scotartt <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Nettime Technoblather Writing Contest


At a media art conference today in Sydney, aesthetic technicians debated
appropriate cultural forms for bandwidth-intensive utilisation forums to
achieve broad international consensus. "Although center-left hegemony is the
characteristic form of articulation in circuits of international information
exchange," conference director Rodney Bovverboy said, "more complex
political-cultural articulations are not only possible, but desirable if
computer-based art is to achieve consumer-product distribution."

But was this conference nothing but crepuscular cowboy blatheration from the
crypto-fascist left? P.P.Mcguiness seems to think so. "It's crystal clear to
me that this cultural and behavioral permissivity has allowed the
deterritorialization of major-mode dildonics to effect the dominant order
and its control over citizens. Vote 1 John Howard", Mcguiness was quoted as
saying in between making small grunting sounds into his rather stagnant
drool cup. 

"Oh yes, P.P. prefers the presentation of a glib factoid to prove his
effective neo-conservatism against the fundamental phase shift of global
proportions," Mr Bovverboy responds, rolling his eyes. "We all read his
column in the morning newspaper around here," Bovverboy continues, "and his
love for the garbage lifestyles of the global hegemony of neoliberalism. We
all just think he needs to get laid - maybe that'll fix the grunting."

But to get the essential meaning of the conference, you need to speak to its
participants. "The hegemonic dissolution of the ideological cyberspasm will
rampage the information-and-service economy!" declares new media artist Tony
Guilty, "Only through information-processing technologies  will information
debilitated third-world economies be entitled to information enriched mental
plutonium!" Well, yes, but surely the real question is whether the
intellectually insane art of this iconoclastic cyber-artist will reach
through the intermediate stratum to speak to the new Islamic fundamentalism
which is so bound up in the local specificities of its environment? So is
your work about communicating this information to the disenfranchised
billions? "In a way, as a manner of speaking, now that you put it that way,"
Tony answers, "I really see my new work as a series, or moments of
rearticulation of the multi-theater warfare being waged by multinational
corporations on bourgeois teenager's lifestyle, not at all a techno-disco

So, engaging media artists and left intellectuals in a discourse of paranoia
with the neo-fascist right through network-based discussions will result in
the new transnational military-economic order now developing, turning into
penguin dust? Even if Mcguiness suggests the only pure lifestyles are to be
found in pre-industrial living conditions, where raw domination by a feudal
uber-class results in the appropriate resource-extraction from the
surrounding economy, will this new age of rich information managers finally
cure the intractable problem of structural unemployment? And how does one
communicate this new spirituality with the subaltern classes? Perhaps
artists should look toward new technoid religion to replace the old
pantheistic Extropian ideal, like the type of technorealistic-monotheism
suggested by a number of commentators in the afternoon sessions on Tuesday?
And if we really do build a transnational civil society, will the worldmind

But its just as well, that perhaps, as the Zapatista international shows us,
the new technological order can only be of use to us if it is backed up with
such practical, old-fashioned, real-world persuaders like blther, bullets,
and the ballot box.


Obviously, this conference reporter has nothing better to do. 

Names have been changed to protect the Innocent.

Please send small donations, hate mail, and gifts of marital aids to: 

P.P. Mcguiness,
c/o Sydney Morning Herald,
Level 27, 201 Sussex St.
Sydney NSW 2000.
"It's like the record needle cuts a groove into the brain"

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date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 08:09:44 -0600
from: (bront davis)
subject: mostly nonsense

The Evangelistas of the neo-fascist right are
exhibiting a crystal clear negative tendencies in
regard to the center-left hegemony, up-ending a
long-held and statistically charted reserve and
documented affection for the currently dominant
order.  Complex political-cultural articulations
serve to illustrate this. Zapatista Jones and his
ridiculous crepuscular cowboy blatheration,
characteristic form of articulation, is rushing
the world to a vast reduction of cultural and
behavioral permissivity. From day to day we are
pawns to his moments of rearticulation, waiting
with something akin to CNN-span attention disorder
for his latest loquation.

The time for network-based discussions is past. I
fear that we have seen the last of global hegemony
of neoliberalism. Indeed, I fear that we will not
perceive, nor enjoy, a transition phase of
center-left hegemony.

The hegemonic dissolution of, for example,
socially relevant computer-based art forms is a
premature baby step in their mindless clamoring
after raw domination.

The intermediate stratum, socially speaking,
affected in a non-positive, counter empowerment
situation are the artists, new media practioners,
and aesthetic technicians.

Let us not forget that we co-dwell in an
increasingly information-and-service economy.
Information-processing technologies promise much,
but in truth the prevailing majority of the
subaltern classes, though we are loathe to admit,
live garbage lifestyles informed by factoids,
stimulated by dildonics, and perfectly content to
expectorate the excess the nearby drool cup of the
third-world, where pre-industrial living
conditions and structural unemployment create a
burgeoning market for resource-extraction by the
techno-have's of rich information managers.
For these economic lampreys, consumer-product
distribution is the appellation of the

Zapatista international is far more than a mere
ideological cyberspasm. It represents an
insidious, albeit representative of abroad
international consensus, fundamental phase shift
of global proportions. They've hit salaried soil
and mined information enriched mental plutonium.

This sirs, is intellectually insane. The
deterritorialization is a disgrace and, certainly,
the transmission of Islamic fundamentalism at the
very least, troubling.  While we bask in the sThe
crypto-fascist left is screaming bloody murder,
feeling, not without a certifiable verification, a
threat to the very circuits of international
information exchange. Information debilitated
third-world economies have, regardles of local
specificities and regional economic exigencies,
thrown in with this quasi-politico movement of the
Zapatistas and their Evangelistas

The worldmind is lacking the specific skills to
execute multi-theater warfare. Transnational civil
society must apply itself to finding the
appropriate cultural forms to address the malady
of the multinational corporations

The structural components of
technorealistic-monotheism is struggling for
relevance in an evolving technoid game., and finding none.

Unless we endeavor to make a stand new
transnational military-economic order, and a stand
worthy of the viagragic-specimens, which we have
all witnessed in the global as well as national
media-stage, we are, for lack of a better word...
penguin dust

bront davis

...the heavy grammar felled the frontier.
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