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<nettime> India: Microsoft to open software center

Microsoft to Open Software Center in India

SEATTLE, March 24 (Re[dacted]uters) - Microsoft said [that it]
would open a software development center in India, only its 
second outside the company's U.S. headquarters. [It] will open 
later this year in the city of Hyderabad in the southern India 
state of Andhra Pradesh <...> "The primary reason we are doing 
this is the availability of a large amount of talent in India," 
said S. "Soma" Somasegar, [who'll oversee it]. "We want the best 
possible people worldwide," he said. <...>

     - 25 employees at the outset
     - focus on NT/BackOffice interoperation w/ 3rd-party warez
     - MS had no projections on the center's growth

The Reuters article goes on to mention the "shortage" of software
engineers in the US, "exacerbated by a limited number of visas
available to bring workers from overseas." Recently, it says, Mr.
Bill has spoken of the need to expand beyond his kozy kampus into
what some people call "the world"--hence MS's installations in
Silicon Valley and Cambridge, England. And their 7-year-old soft-
ware dev center in Israel. "Microsoft will get tax incentives and 
other benefits offered by Andhra Pradesh to attract foreign invest-
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