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1...ARTSPACE Sydney.......NEW MEDIA FORUM #7 - BioSexTech
                          at the Powerhouse Museum
2...ARTSPACE Sydney.......STATE OF THE HEART Digital Media
                          Projects at the ACP
3...Steven Ball...........The Bridge Super 8 Programme
4...Harry Bego............The Global Coalition & the Global Days !
6...Peter Krapp...........New Derrida Interview
7...Eric Kluitenberg......Public Domain 2.0 & 1st International
                          Browser Day


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Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT:  NEW MEDIA FORUM #7 - BioSexTech at the Powerhouse
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Target Theatre: Powerhouse Museum, Harris Street, Ultimo
Saturday 28 March 1998, 1- 4.30pm

New Media Forum 7 is convened by the Australian Centre for Photography
(ACP) in association with Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) and Powerhouse
Museum to coincide with the exhibition STATE OF THE HEART: Digital Media
Projects at the ACP.

BioSexTech will concentrate on relationships between biology, artificial
life and technological codes and structures, particularly as teased out in
current intellectual thought and art practices.  The forum will touch on
issues relating to biological determinism, on interfaces between technology
and bodies, and on ideas regarding technology's implications for intimacy.



1pm - Adrian  Mackenzie

Amidst an explosion of technical codes, can life write back through the
code? How does life code, decode or 'uncode'? If codes are always graphic,
in what sense is life already bio-graphic? This presentation takes up these
questions in the context of the biographical, and tries to draw out through
several bio-maps some possibilities of singular or idiomatic relations
between life and code. Against a common perception that codes homogenise or
flatten singularity, these relations imply reserves of indeterminacy even
within the most coded contexts.

DR ADRIAN MACKENZIE is a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at the
University of Sydney working on time, embodiment and technics.

1.30pm - Lesley Rogers

This presentation will address issues of biological determinism in relation
to human behaviour, taking a critical approach to contemporary research in
areas of gender difference, brain structure and the "homosexual gene". The
talk will present examples demonstrating that the development of brain and
behaviour depends on the complex interaction between genetic, hormonal and
environmental influences. It will deal with current theories that attempt
to link behaviour to genetic or hormonal causes and it will consider the
social and political implications of these theories.

DR LESLEY ROGERS is Professor of Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour in the
School of Biological Sciences at the University of New England, Armidale.
She has lectured and published widely and contributed to the four part ABC
documentary titled  Brain Sex. Her books include The Evolution of Lateral
Asymmetries: Language, Tool Use, and Intellect; Orang -utans in Borneo; and
Minds of Their Own: Thinking and Awareness in Animals.

2pm - Anna Munster

In many contemporary future imaginings, the prefix 'cyber' has become de
rigeur. Feminist theory, art and media practice, have, in particular,
attached themselves to the bright technological world this alliance seems
to offer. But to what extent has this allowed a series of unthought
borrowings, narratives and metaphors from science to continue to operate
unchecked. And to what extent does 'cyberfeminism' provoke a new hybridity
between politics, art and technology? This presentation focuses, in
particular, on the use of concepts from artificial intelligence and
cybernetics in some recent cultural theory.

ANNA MUNSTER is a digital artist and writer. Her work explores the
intersections between technology and subjectivities. She lectures part-time
in the Department of Women's Studies, University of Sydney and is a
doctoral candidate at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.


3pm - 4.30 pm
Michele Barker, Francesca da Rimini,
Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski

All four artists are exhibiting in STATE OF THE HEART at the Australian
Centre for Photography.  This session will take the form of three 10-15
minute artist presentations addressing issues relating to the work on
exhibition at the ACP, followed by open discussion and response both to the
work on exhibition and the forum presentations.

MICHELE BARKER is an artist working in the area of digital media.  She is
developing an interactive DVD-ROM, "Pręternatural" due for completion in

LEON CMIELEWSKI is a designer and animator. His short film "Writer's
Block", combining live action and animation has screened at numerous
international film festivals. He is currently working on an animation
project which attempts to bring the world of dirt, vermin, accident &
imperfection into the computer.

FRANCESCA DA RIMINI often works in collaboration with others, particularly
as she drifts through the internet maintaining a number of avatars
including GashGirl and doll yoko. da Rimini has also made a number of films
and videos, and in 1998 her novella FleshMeat will be published by the
Italian publishing house SHAKE.

JOSEPHINE STARRS' work deals with the politics of power relationships, and
the effect of new technologies on notions of subjectivity and gender
issues. She has recently completed a residency at the Kunstlerhaus
Bethanien in Berlin to create Diagnostic Tools for the New Millennium in
collaboration with Leon Cmielewski.


For further information contact John Tonkin at the ACP
tel 9332 1455


The New Media Forum provides an opportunity for lively discussion on the
intersection of art and technology in the 1990s. The intention of the forum
is to provide a platform for critical debate between art practitioners,
educators, scientists and the community, and to comment on the relation
between electronic art practices and current cultural transformations.
Topics include cultural policy, virtual world, interactive technologies and
digital photography. The New Media Forum is presented by Victoria Lynn,
John Potts and Maria N. Stukoff.


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From: ARTSPACE Sydney <>
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT:  STATE OF THE HEART Digital Media Projects at the
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Digital Media Projects

Australian Centre for Photography
257 Oxford Street Paddington  NSW 2021
27 March - 25 April, 1998

Opening Thursday 26th March 6pm.



This installation looks at the morpheme - a new variety of exhibited object
which represents a hybridity of technology and flesh made possible by the
play of digital imaging.  The Love Machine has developed from a
consideration of a photographic booth currently in use in Japan and Hong
Kong which uses software to capture portraits of individuals and then
outputs a 'baby' image combining the features of each.  The original
context of this booth is literally one of digital 'reproduction', and The
Love Machine expands this idea of coupling beyond the organic through a
process where the technological is fed back upon itself.

This project has been assisted by the Australia Council, the federal
government's arts funding and advisory body.


JOSEPHINE STARRS & LEON CMIELEWSKI - Diagnostic Tools for the New Millennium

This work - including computer interactive stations and lightboxes -
investigates the artists' personal relationship to new technologies,
exploring concepts like the  schizoid body (virtual & real), the collapse
of nature into technology and the technolust/technophobia polarisation. In
the artists' thinking, "in the rush to leave the meat behind, the
disembodied self is relishing its new found flexibility and freedom while
conversely, the desire for and obsession with information seems to be
reaching fetishistic proportions."

Through interactive computer applications the artists engage the audience
in a dialogue about privacy issues such as surveillance, consumer profiling
and intimacy on the internet, while creating an environment full of play
and poetry.

N.B. The project has a website which is gathering data from internet users
to be fed into the gallery exhibition.

This project  has been assisted by the South Australian Government through
ARTSA, and the Visual Arts and Craft Fund of the Australia Council, the
federal government's arts funding and advisory body.


MICHAEL GRIMM - soundtrack for an empty dollspace

This collaborative work is a website presented as an installation piece
with a soundtrack.  The web environment is a labyrinth for the character
doll yoko and her orphan words to haunt. It is structured as a series of
lines of flight through material and virtual planes of existence. dollspace
explores identity, desire, death and deception.

"I fled to Japan, to a rice paper hut high in the mountains of Kyoto. The
hut overlooked a pond whose name translates as 'bottomless mud'. This was
the place where for centuries women had been forced to drowned their infant
daughters. It was a pond of dead girls and I was haunted. Haunted by a
swarm of hungry ghosts."

soundtrack for an empty dollspace has been created by Michael Grimm as an
independent soundwork in response to various characters and themes.

dollspace is part of  a smear of roses, a project assisted by the New Media
Fund of the Australia Council. dollspace was produced during a residency at
the Media Resource Centre, Adelaide.


STATE OF THE HEART has been coordinated by John Tonkin & Blair French.

The Australian Centre for Photography
257 Oxford St  Paddington  NSW 2021
ph 61 2 9332 1455  fx 61 2 9331 6887
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

The Gunnery
43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

tel +61 2 9368 1899
fax +61 2 9368 1705

Director: Nicholas Tsoutas
Administrator: Kristen Elsby
Acting Gallery Assistant: Helen Hyatt-Johnston


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From: Steven Ball <>
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Subject: The Bridge Super 8 Programme
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The Bridge will present a special programme of rare super 8 experimental
films co-ordinated by Marcus Bergner .

8pm - Friday 27th March - Footscray Community Arts Centre - 45 Moreland
Street - Footscray

Includes films by Steven Ball, Marcus Bergner, Heinz Boeck, Arthur &
Corinne Cantrill, Dirk de Bruyn, John Eaton, Daniel Kotsanis, Ooni Peh
and Tony Woods.
                               The Bridge
                       Construction In Process  VI
                         Melbourne Australia 1998


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From: Harry Bego <>
Subject: CONTRAST: UPDATE: The Global Coalition & the Global Days !
Sender: geert
Precedence: bulk

           *** News Update of the Legalize! Initiative ***
                         March 8, 1998

Dear drug policy reformer!

This is the next in a series of updates to keep you informed about
the planning of the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War, which will
be held on Saturday June 6th, Sunday June 7th, and Monday June 8th,
at the start of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs
(UNGASS), which takes place in New York, June 8th, 9th and 10th.
For more information see


   Some information about the coming June events.

   Many organisations have recently joined!

   Organisations can join the coalition by signing it.

   Send it out to promote the Global Days!



In the previous news update (issued Feb 11th) we reported about
events in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Dallas,
Stockholm, Brussels, Colville (Wa), Tallinn (Estonia), Eugene (Or)
and Texoma (Okla). In the mean time, we have received information
about events being planned in several other places, a.o. Bonn,
London, Paris, Washington, the four main New Zealand cities,
Ilmenau (Germany), and Sidney (Australia). Some of these are
still in the first planning stages.

For information about these events, see our web pages. Of course
we encourage you to consider planning similar events! vents do not
necessarly have to be big - a rally, an anti-prohibition party,
a forum discussion, a petition, a concert, a press conference - it
is up to you what form and size your participation will take ...
Contact fellow anti-prohibitionists, local drug reform organisations,
clubs, etc., get together and see what you can do.
And inform us, of course!


As you know, we are setting up a coalition of reform organisations,
which will issue declarations, and the members of which will support
the Global Days against the Drug War. The coalition currently
consists of over 35 organisations:

Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), National Organisation for
Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Transnational Radical Party (TRP),
November Coalition, Coordinamento Radicale Antiproibizionista (CORA),
Media Awareness Project (MAP), Campaign for the Restoration and
Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), Common Sense for Drug Policy (CSDP),
Transform, Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice (CERJ), "Kne Bossem",
the NPO for Changing Israeli Drug Laws, the American Society for Action
on Pain (ASAP), The Dutch Drug Policy Foundation, Compassionate Care
Alliance, Swedish Cannabis Association (SCA), The Association for
Emancipatory Drug Policy (DEBED), Auto Support des Usagers de Drogues
(ASUD), Orange County Hemp Council (OCHC), The Legalize! Initiative,
Instituto de Documentacion e Investigacion del Cannabis (IDIC), Gree
Prisoners Release, Kansas State Lobbyists for Cannabis Law Reform,
Oregonians for Personal Privacy (OPP), Drug Users Rights Forum (DURF),
Drug Policy Reform Group of St. Paul, Legalise Cannabis!, the
Recreational Drugs Committee, New South Wales Users & AIDS Association,
HANF! Magazine, El Cogollo, Revista Cann=E1bica, HighLife, HempWorld,
the American Antiprohibition League (AAL), the Swedish National
Association for the Rights of Drug Users, the Campaign to Legalise
Cannabis International Association (CLCIA).

See for information about these organisations.

To make your organisation join the coalition write to:


Organisations can join the coalition by signing the following declaration:


     The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War


     We, the undersigned, having recognized the
     extraordinary damage being caused by the Drug War,
     join together in a call for wide-ranging and honest
     international and intranational discussion about the
     effectiveness and consequences of current, force-based
     drug policies. Furthermore, we call upon our
     governments and fellow citizens to begin the process of
     the exploration of alternative solutions to the issues that
     these policies are claimed to address. This process
     should include, but not be limited to, a revision of the
     United Nations conventions and other international
     treaties which inhibit nations from adopting such

     We believe that in an atmosphere of honest and rational
     examination, effective policies can be found which are
     based not upon force, repression, prohibition, coercive
     government action and the use of violence, but upon the
     universal principles of human rights, freedom, justice,
     equality under the law, the dignity of the individual,
     the health of people and communities, and the sovereignty
     of nations.

     It should be noted that this coalition represents a
     very broad range of political and social viewpoints,
     and a wide variety of issue-interests. The heterogeneity
     of the signatories to this coalition is evidence of
     both the intellectual strength of our position  and
     the breadth of the destruction being wrought by
     current policies. For despite our differences, we stand
     together in the knowledge that a policy which mandates
     a continuous state of war, in the absence of a true
     acknowledgement and assessment of the consequences
     and excesses of that war, is objectively flawed. And
     that such a policy is in direct contradiction to the
     mission and the ideals of the United Nations, and of the
     peoples of the earth.

     No society, whether local or global, can long endure
     under a perpetual state of war. Nor do we choose to
     leave as a legacy to our children, and to future
     generations, the disastrous results of such a policy.
     It is time to find alternatives.

     The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War.


   Send out this updated version to promote the Global Days!


       The 1998 Global Days against the Drug War!

                     June 6, 7, 8

                       Events in
  New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Stockholm,
Brussels, Colville, Tallinn, Eugene, Texoma, London, Bonn, Sidney,
         Wellington, Paris, Ilmenau, Washington, ...

                   Join the Coalition!

As you probably know, the United Nations will hold the first-ever
Special Session of the General Assembly on Drugs, from June 8th
to June 10th 1998 in New York.

This session was originally conceived as a critical examination
of worldwide anti-drug policy. The focus of this session has
now been narrowed. According to the new guidelines, only the
expansion of existing policies will be open for discussion. The
United Nations aims to escalate current drug repression tactics
in a catastrophic quest towards a 'drug free' society. In terms
of crime, economic and financial damage, and social and personal
harm, this policy is turning into a worldwide crisis!

It is of great importance that alternative proposals are heard
at the onset of this UN session. A clear statement must be made
that what is needed is not escalated repression, but reform
policies aimed at reducing the damage currently done.

To this aim, a number of organisations have recently united to
form the "Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War".
They have written a declaration that will be published widely.
You can join the coalition by co-signing the declaration; see
the contact info below.

Members of this coalition are also invited to participate in the
"1998 Global Days against the Drug War", which are held Saturday
June 6th, Sunday June 7th, and Monday June 8th. This international
event will feature discussion forums, seminars, publications,
press conferences, demonstrations, street parties, concerts, and
other types of events, in many places at the same time. At this
moment (March 5th), 20 events are being planned! A 'grand finale'
is planned to take place in New York on Monday 8th.

You can help make the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War
a success! Make sure your city is part of this event. If you
are a member of a group or organisation that can help, contact
us. Otherwise, you can join one or more of the participating
groups and organisations, or set up your own group. See
the contact info below.

Early spring of 1998 we will issue press releases with the names
of all the groups and organisations that have joined the coalition.
Groups and organisations are invited to plan their own version
of the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War, under their own
identity and name. Note however that participation in the coali-
tion does not itself imply endorsement of the individual events
taking place.

Organisations wishing to join the coalition can send mail to Individual activists please visit the
web site at

The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War
currently consists of:

The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), the National Organi-
sation for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Coordinamento Radicale
Antiprohibizionista (CORA), the November Coalition, the Campaign for
Equity-Restorative Justice (CERJ), the Transnational Radical Party
(TRP), Common Sense for Drug Policy, the Legalize! Initiative, the
Media Awareness Project (MAP), American Society for Action on Pain
(ASAP), Compassionate Care Alliance, the Campaign for the Restora-
tion and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), HANF! Magazine, and more than
20 other organisations.

  Participate in the 1998 Global Days against the Drug War !

                    June 6, 7, 8



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From: Peter Krapp <>
Subject: New Derrida Interview
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Dear All,

a brand new interview with Jacques Derrida
dealing with contemporary intellectual politics
is now available from the Derrida website, the
French and unabbreviated version of a recent
interview with the German weekly, Die Zeit,
and, with Derrida's permission, a web exclusive.
Please have a look at one of the following websites:

Sincerely, Peter Krapp


Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 16:48:00 +0200
From: Eric Kluitenberg <>
Subject: Public Domain 2.0 & 1st International Browser Day

Dear nettimers,

Please find below the English translation of the Press Release for the 1st
Internationl Browser Day and the public debate Public Domain 2.0 - on the
future of the public domain in the media.

Though the program is primarily designed for a local Dutch audience and
situation, it deals with issues that are directly relevant for a much wider
international context. These two events are the first of a series to be
carried through this year in the Netherlands. The events all deal with the
future of the public domain in the face of the converging forces in the
media and telecommunications industry, deregulation and privatisation and
the digitisation of virtually all media and communication channels.

This 'Public Research' will be co-ordinated by De Waag - Society for Old
and New Media in Amsterdam. We are preparing a Frequently Asked Questions
about the Public Domain, questioning what a public domain in the digital
media constellations might mean and how and why to maintain it all?
How to develop alternative models and strategies?

We challenge some of you eloquent and outspoken people on the list (Paul,
JPB, Howard?) to write us your comments, critique, opinions, thoughts on
the subject.

On behalf of the editorial team,




Press Release

De Waag - Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, organises;

The 1st International Browser Day
Public Domain 2.0  - A public debate on the future of the public domain in
the media.

Date: Friday April 17th, 1998
In: Paradiso Amsterdam.

Paradiso: 12.00 - 17.30 hr.

The browser is the entrance to the world-wide networks, an information and
communication standard. The browser is the face of the media. The browser
determines how we see the events that occur in the media. During the
browser day the significance of the browser will be examined. Aside from
the battle between Netscape and Microsoft over standards (the 'browser
war'), alternative browsers for the Internet will be presented, a.o. by the
writer Matthew Fuller (London) and Internet journalist David Hudson

Students of the Rietveld Academy, the Utrecht School of the Arts - Faculty
for Art, Media & Technology, and the Sandberg Institute will present their
own browsers, submitted for the 1st International Browser Competition.

Public debate on the future of the public domain in the media
Paradiso: 20.00 - 23.30

(Only in Dutch language!)

The continuous mergers and take-overs that currently permeate the media-
and telecommunications industry and the privatisation of the
infrastructure, put an increasing pressure on the public domain in the
media. Information monopolies, information filters, commercial networks,
virtual malls and home shopping channels subvert the public character of
the media- and communications infrastructure. Though democratic Governments
acknowledge their special responsibility for the public domain, besides the
market sector, a fundamental discussion of the question how to guarantee
the pluriformity and diversity of media content in the future, is largely

This debate is timed around the parliamentary discussions about the second
Dutch 'data-highway' program (The 2nd National Action Plan), and will bring
politicians, policy makers, interest groups, media and information
technology specialists, representatives of social and cultural
organisations, and representatives from the business community together to
discuss the future of the public domain in the media. A FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions) about the Public Domain, specially prepared for the
occasion, and the People's Communication Charter will serve as a guide-line
for the discussion.

The debate is organised in co-operation with Paradiso as part of a larger
public research on the future of the public domain in the media, conducted
throughout 1998 by De Waag  - Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

For more information please contact:
Eric Kluitenberg
Tel. +31-20-557 98 98

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