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Re: <nettime> Digital Identities

The space of flows can be described as having at least three layers:

 1. Technical: the circuit of electronic impulses (the
 micro-electronics, telecommunication, hardware in general) that form
 the technological infrastructure of the network. 

 2. Geographical: the topology of the space formed by its nodes and
 hubs. Hubs are defined by the networks but link it to specific places
 with specific social and cultural conditions. Nodes are the
 "location[s] of strategically important functions that build a series
 of locality-based activities and organizations around the key
 functions of the network." 

 3. Social: the spatial organization of the managerial elite using the

 The space of flows is characterized by timeless time and placeless
 space. "Timeless time... the dominant temporality in our society,
 occurs when the characteristics of a given context, namely, the
 informational paradigm and the network society, induce systemic
 perturbation in the sequential order of phenomena performed in that
 context. The space of flows... dissolves time by
 disordering the sequence of events and making them simultaneous, thus
 installing society in an eternal ephemerality" 

 (possibly from: Manuel Castell's magnum opus, "The
 Rise of the Network Society" (Blackwell, 1996))

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