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<nettime> on the adilkno text archive

The Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge (Adilkno, Bilwet
in dutch, Agentur Bilwet in german - Amsterdam, 1983) proudly presents:

(with the help of Walter van der Cruijsen)

In this text archive in three languages you can find entire books, some
paitings, interviews, essays, a photo of the group, lost and found files,
and works of the individual members. Recently, a small booklet appeared in
german called 'Elektronische Einsamkeit'. These are 12 recent essays. The
people who do not read german should not worry: almost all these text can
be found in the upcoming 'World Edition' of Adilkno's Media Archive, which
will appear in april in New York (Autonomedia). We will send an
announcement when the book is really available. Simultaneously, the second
print of the Medienarchiv appears in Bollman Verlag (in german) and also
in april we will celibrate the croatian edition, published by Arkzin in
Zagreb. A Japanese edition is also under way, edited by Toshiya Ueno. 
This list gives you an idea of the content of the archive. Only the 
english material has been selected here.

                        Bilwet/Agentur Bilwet/Adilkno

   * Bilwet in het Nederlands
        o Bewegingsleer *Het*hele*boek*
        o De Datadandy *Het*complete*floppy*
   * Adilkno in english
        o Cracking the Movement *The*Whole*Book*
        o The Media Archive *The*Whole*Book*
   * Agentur Bilwet auf Deutsch
        o Elektronische Einsamkeit *Nicht das ganze Buch*
        o Der Datendandy *Das ganze Buch*
        o Medienarchiv *Das ganze Buch*
   * Tekst en beeld van Basjan van Stam
   * Teksten van Arjen Mulder
   * Teksten van Lex Wouterloot
   * Teksten van Geert Lovink (english, deutsch, nederlands)
   * Texte von Geert Lovink und Pit Schultz (deutsch)


Adilkno in english

     The Media Archive *The*Whole*Book

     Cracking the Movement *The*Whole*Book*
          Squatting beyond the media

     Contemporary Nihilism
          On Innocence Organised
     La societe des debacles
          Critique of Bastard Knowledge
     The Extramedial
     Theory of the Sovereign Media
          Sailing away to end of the datascapes
     The Dominant Ear
     Hardware, Software, Wetware
     The Socialist's Media
          Socialism as storage movement
     Wetware: Theoretical Fashion
          The short version
     The DFM-Deformulator
          Chris Swart about his computer program
     What is the Bilwet-Museum?
     Visit Reality Park Romania
          And enjoy Draculaland!

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