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Re: <nettime> Cookies from strangers ?

 good idea to have some progressive ads on nettime:

>Decided against accepting cookies from strangers ?

>Some people have even been using a randomiser like Tom Harringtons
>'Cookies Revenge' (applescript only) found at

other people like

Cookie Monster 1.5.1

What it does:

What Cookie Monster does is simply trashing the MagicCookie file every time
it is launched.
This works for NetScape as well as for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Just install it in your StartUp Items folder (inside the System Folder),
and voila !

Note that Netscape only stores the cookies in the magicCookie file when it


When CookieMonster functions correctly, it quits immediatly after
launching, and makes no noise. If you should hear a beep, this means a
problem occured.
CM was tested with sys7.5.3 but really should work on any mac and any
system as long as it's >= 7.0


Cookie Monster is email-ware (it is NOT public domain), if you use it, send
me an email at You can also check the Monster page out
at :

If you work for MicroSoft, you are NOT allowed to use it.

More Info:

For more info, you can lookup:

Visit the japanese CookieMonster page (thanks Akitoshi Kimura !):

Geek Part:

Customization options:
You can edit the 'STR ' 128 and 129 resources to change the name of
netscape's preference folder or of the magiccookie file. Just respect the
spaces, and replace the folder hierarchy by columns ":" (ie if netscape's
prefs folder is called blark and the magic cookie file zorglub, the STR 128
should be:

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