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<nettime> Re: Funding Digital Culture


>An independent organization is an
>entity, in my view, that may draw funding from many sources, private,
>corporate, government, etc., but allows none of these to control, dictate,
>or otherwise affect its development or lifespan.

There are so many ways for people and institutions to influence each other
that it becomes very hard for me to think of anyone or anything as 

re: Barbie

>" does not, will not and can not exercise
>editorial control as to what a client chooses to put on his/her website".
>An organization subsidized and answerable to its shareholders or a single
>parent corporation, may not have had the luxury of such a response. 

I published LOVE at when the CDA had all networked America
trembling but Benjamin Weil did not ask me to remove the explicit blow job
photographs on that site, knowing very well that adaweb was running a real
risk at that time by hosting 'indecent' content.



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