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<nettime> Re: Concerned about terrorism in Kosovo

May be Andrej should take a look at:


to see and read some other facts about what he is easely calling terrorism.
Killing pregnant women, and in this way, is barbarism.

Richard van den Brink
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 01:26:02 +0100
From: ANDREJ TISMA <aart@EUnet.yu>
Subject: Re: Concerned about terrorism in Kosovo
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OK Richard van den Brink,

I've seen and read the report by Albanian secessionist magazine (all
articles unsigned) which You have recommended to me.
Well, first those photos. What do You think that Serbian four policemen
who were killed by Kosova Liberation Army looked less massacred than
these Albanians on photos?
Also these "innocent unarmed civilians" are now presented as members of
particular families, but when they go out armed with machine guns and
even grenade launchers, in uniforms, with covered faces, than they call
themselves Kosova Liberation Army. Why did they find shelter in their
family's homes, causing civilian victims, You should ask those brave
Finally, how can I believe to those reports You are recommending, when
there is "Government of Republic of  Kosova" mentioned there,
"Republic" which  does not exist, maybe in separatists' dreams!
Currently on the map there is only Republic of Serbia, of which Kosova
is only a province.
What do You think, if this police attack on "unarmed Albanian civilians"
lasted entire two days, isn't that strange that only 16 victims on
Albanian side are resulted. In two days policemen could kill at least
2000 unarmed civilians.
Also even Albanian reports say there were heavy two days fightings. With
whom? With unarmed civilians? Don't be kidding.

Please, read carefully these quotations from Albanian separatist
>This could be considered as KLA's
> operation to "demonstrate force" in order to boost the will of
Kosova      >Albanians and force the Serbs to act.
>Courageous tactic, militarily shrewd, since whatever the Serbs do, they
cannot >win.
>It was also said that the majority of the patients brought to the
hospital were Serb >policemen, who have
> run into resistance of the local population, but also, as it is
stated, of the KLA >forces, in Drenic=EB.

Who were policemen victims of? Unarmed innocent civilians?? Don't be, or
play naive.
Terrorism has to be destroyed. There should be no sentimentality. What
did United States do in Los Angeles, when 500 black people were
massacred in one day by the Federal police? And what happened in Mexico
to the separatist army? So be serious and don't support terrorism
anywhere in the world.


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