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Re: <nettime> Leading Art Site Suspended

Dear Armin,

thanks for posting that info...

this reply is more for the general nettime crowd
than specifically for you, but please consider it f.y.i.

>Leading Art Site Suspended
>          By MATTHEW MIRAPAUL=20
>               The Ada'web Web site, one of the most dynamic destinations
>               for original Web-based art, is being suspended.

This is just another example of "disappearance"
that I wrote about in 1995.

Guess it takes a cruel dose of reality before
people get a clue that autonomy is necessity,
corporate sponsorship is ultimately censorship,
and subsidies from the government are short lived
at best.


The Disappearance of Public Space on the Net

"Say You Want a Revolution...."

Next time you get caught off guard and lose your
"free" net resources or your sponsorship....

Don't be surprised!  There is no free lunch.  everything has it's price.

Paul Garrin


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