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Re: <nettime> discussing zoom fatigue

Dear Nettimers,

Interesting to read the posts on the Z-fatigue topic...

Makes me wonder about mistaking this for mere "Zoom fatigue"...

XLterrestrials have been warning about some kind of "interNetz-Aphasia"
for some time... ( A type of brain damage affecting - communication -
capabilities in the organism. ) ... more via humor + cynicism +
discontent + culture jamming than science , but... 

re: Donatella"s link and the neuropsychology point

Susan Greenfield has been doing some interesting work on this... long
before Covid19. First encountered her work thru Jore Brown's doc Stare
Into The Lights My Pretties (2017) :


which focuses on what all that SCREEN TIME is doing to us and society.

Here's a mainstream intro into her research:


Makes me wonder about all this "volatility" and polarizations arising in
all the netted isolationist times, now further exacerbated by the
pandemic risks... and not just a by-product of this whole rise of the
nationalist and fascist shit-stirrers. Anyway her work definitely goes
deeper + scientific + insightful than this piece !


Prescriptions for the afflicted ??

Re-emodiments and active resistance to the "corona reboot" !?

If that means returning to public events + gatherings while sitting
apart in distanced chairs and marked squares, in smaller groups than
usual, to play it safe... so be it... But f*ck this overdose of streams
+ screens  !


This is not to discount all the great things people are organizing

i've viewed and participated in a few good things lately... a small
Jitsi film club, Disruption Lab programs ( like the one on housing
speculation + struggles ), and we are doing indymedia-style radio
icecasting again ( no visuals ) with occasional in-station guests (
Globalista Radio Kit ) and casting from semi- re-opened cafes.

But for me personally i have definitely had to limit my online intake
and change my online behaviours in corona times... one super-positive
effect from this pandemic crash has been a big reduction in my social
media scrollings !




/Live tactical "radio" on the interwebz every Sun. night !/
/20:00h ( CET ) til late/

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