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<nettime> the solution to zoom fatigue

Hi all,

I have been working the last month on different ideas for getting rid of
zoom fatigue, but also for zoom itself :-)

I think there is only one solution: learn how to better meet online
between small groups co-located in different physical spaces.

Businessmen and politicians do this since long time using very expensive
and dedicated equipment.

As part of the 7at7 series,, we try to do the same
using existing equipment (good microphones and video cameras already
available) and open source webconference tools like BigBlueButton.

Tomorrow we will do our first experiment with a roundtable discussing
exactly this topic, physically organized in L200*, but broadcasted live
on a BBB room. See

If this works well (you can help us to "stress test" the whole setup by
joining), we would like to make a step further and do more symmetric
events, e.g., a roundtable spanning more than one spaces. In this case a
workshop with 20 people would need just 2-3 connections and thus less
bandwidth, while the "breakout" rooms will be already set :-)

I know that this "linking of spaces" have been tried since the very
first days of the Internet.

But it still does not work "for the masses" (I think that one reason of
zoom fatigue is also the generally pool audiovisual quality of
connections), perhaps because it was not so much needed until now.

So, I think we should try harder :-) (not only for Corona but also since
we need to travel less anyway)



* L200 is a collective "hybrid" space in Zurich which many interesting
design and governance issues. A related article has been recently
published at the Journal of Peer Production:

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