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<nettime> Political Education Webinar - The History of Policing in the US


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From: Molly Hankwitz <>
Date: Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 1:36 PM
Subject: Political Education Webinar - The History of Policing in the US
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Dear Nettime
As part of academics in solidarity with Black Lives Matter - Pillars of the
Community/San Diego  - has been holding this series of outstanding talks
about a diverse Black history of civil rights, policing, intersectionality,
trans experience, community organizing...over the last few weeks. Not only
is the discussion of very high level towards understanding the current
moment in civil rights history, but the cross/section/inter/section of
scholars/scholarship/projects/opinions presented is a challenging and
unique collection of voices and ideas.
*Pillar's Political Education Webinar*:

Please join us once again on for our 4th webinar in this series:
<The History of Policing in the U.S.>
Friday, July 3, 2020 at 6pm.
Register for Zoom info -
This Friday we will have scholars joining us to talk about their work and
have an in depth conversation around the history of police. Have there
always been police? What does history tell us about the role of police? How
should the history of policing in the United States inform our
understanding of the current uprisings happening across the country.

Dr. Danny Widener
Prof. Ebony Tyree

Dr. Sandra Harvey - African American Studies, UC Irvine
Dr. Roberto D. Hernandez - Chicano and Chicana Studies, SDSU
Dr. Matsemela Odom - Black Studies, San Diego Community Colleges

*LINKS to previous webinars*:
Poli-Ed series, 1st webinar: Defund The Police
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Poli-Ed series, 2nd webinar: Reflections on Resistance: Organizing Against
Police Violence
pw - Policing123!

Poli-Ed series, 3rd webinar: Intersectionality & the Fight for Police
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Reclaiming Our Stories 2
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molly hankwitz

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