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Re: <nettime> Flying in Berlin's Sky, an Afternoon Investigation - September 22

Dear Harv and Adam,

thank you for engaging in this sharing! I am not an expert of this
field: I am providing the platform and context for this workshop, so
unfortunately I cannot answer in details.

But if you would like to look more into Emmanuel's project that will be
discussed at our "Citizens of Evidence" conference (which the workshop
relates to), you can check here:
I also invited Emmanuel and Sector035 to join this thread, hopefully
they will.

What is interesting to me, it is the option to make such technology
available to people (as part of the open source intelligence
philosophy). Participants of the workshop will also be able to get the
ADS-B antennas at the end of the day and get familiar with these
subjects. We are discussing how to make sensitive data accessible and
open, especially in the context of grassroots investigations and data

If you are interested, you can read more about our programme here:

It is still crucial to keep asking ourselves what is our role in
providing information critically, and how to make this collectively -
especially coming from a background of DIY grassroots activities, as
well as here on nettime.

All the best,


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