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Re: <nettime> What Caused Nettime??

On 4 Sep 2019, at 15:43, newmedia@aol.com wrote:

P.S.  While "gender" might be your concern, it sure wasn't when we got together.

It seems like that "we" involves some pretty big assumptions.

If you turn your statement around to say that gender wasn't a focus in the early days of nettime and now it is, I think that's called "progress." And, in fact, if you look back at the archives from that period, you'll see that in the months following Beauty and the East, the list became much less male-dominated — and much more interesting. Beyond that, I'll cite my favorite footnote ever, from Klaus Theweleit's _Male Fantasies_, volume 1: "I am not about to use literature to make this point. Anyone who is interested can discuss it with actual women."

But all of this is ancient history. As I said to Geoff: We're interested in the future, not more of the past.

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