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Re: <nettime> don't be afraid of 'project fear'

An interesting proposition: it's about terminal illusions of grandeur. Abstract below, full text at

Since 2016, the UK government has outlined plans for ‘Global Britain’
as a framework for post‐Brexit foreign policy. Some criticise the idea
as a vision of ‘Empire 2.0’, but it is rarely made clear exactly what
form it takes or what its wider political implications are. This
article argues that Global Britain constitutes not just an idea or a
slogan, but a foreign policy narrative and, more specifically, the
narrative of empire. Indeed, to appear reasonable its grand ambitions
require pre‐existing knowledges of past imperial ‘successes’ and
accepting images of empire among the British public. Yet Global
Britain lacks efficacy: as a domestic rather than an international
narrative, by being inherently regressive in its worldview, and for
contradicting the preferences of international partners on which the
UK heavily relies. These narrative flaws, it is argued, make Global
Britain an actively problematic, rather than merely ineffective,
component of UK foreign policy.

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