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Re: <nettime> Eric Whitacre, Virtual Choir

On 5/29/19 4:48 PM, tbyfield wrote:
> It's merely to note — as we've seen in so many
> other contexts — that TED talks and slapping '2.0' stickers on projects
> tends to blur all the myriad practices that came before it into a gauzy
> '1.0' that's both idealized and denigrated. And to generate demands for
> ever-lower levels of technical latency.

+1 + thanx for that response...
speaking of "low-latency networked performance"... well, peer production
of free/libre software... way more "innovative" (ted jargon) in terms of
the organization/governance model + (and more importantly) of property
relations... that dates back to the *previous century* though...

now, the question for me is, how did the artists got inspired from that?
did it influence/transform the way culture is produced and communicated?
what is the role of (the ignorance of) the power figures dominating the
culture (industry) on that?

with my respect to the earlier works on the politics of this, and their
authors, some of which are on this list i know/believe, and they know
themselves, even if many do not know them...

> On 29 May 2019, at 8:18, John Preston wrote:
>> I thought this was a nice example of a work of a traditional medium
>> being transformed through network technology. Particularly the
>> asynchronous nature of the process is very different from how a
>> physically co-located choir would operate, and the result is not a
>> conventional performance but a recording (hence my previous quote
>> marks).

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