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Re: <nettime> January 23, Trump Question

I believe that DJT's impeachment has been pivotal to the Republican
intent and strategy since he won the primaries.  

Thru their unholy alliance they were able to prevail in the 2016
election, as they simply could not win without one another's
constituents ( leaving the Russians out of this.)  I am convinced that
their strategy for impeachment is already firmly in hand - they just
needed DJT to be inaugurated first before the unraveling is initiated
and then Pence would be ensured of legitimate (?) succession.  BTW:
let's recall that Pence had mentioned that when he initially saw Christ
( who transformed him from a Democrat to a Republican,) Christ assured
him thru a vision that he would be President of USA ( paraphrase.)
Seriously, this has been reported.

DJT's hand-wringing selection of the deceptively pious,
broadcaster/govenor Pence as his running mate was the signifier of this
melding.  Pence's long time alliances with the Christian Right, Ted Cruz
( hence Kelly Ann Conway,) Reinhold Priebus, Paul Ryan and Scott Walker
( the latter 3 comprising the triumvirate  of the powerful
right-wingers, uber-capitalists,  Koch Bros. politicos who were
initially hostile to DJT's camp.)  The RNC ( formally chaired by Preibus
) realized that questions of control in regard  to DJT ( whom they
suspected of having democratic sympathies being from NY and supported
the democrats,) were a core issue.  Preibus is now DJT's Chief of Staff,
an omnipotent position within the White House.

The Republicans have kept DJT buoyed up thus far as they needed to
secure the office to do so .... we'll see how long this lasts ....

And ... the end of capitalism ... and the notion of DJT being the
terminator of neo-liberalism .... that is for another discussion.


On Jan 23, 2017, at 5:25 AM, Sascha D. Freudenheim wrote:

> To answer the last question first, I don't know precisely, but
> impeachment won't start until the Republicans in Congress feel
> that they have an acceptable rationale lined up, one that will be
> unambiguously clear to the 60+ million people who--despite everything,
> despite overwhelming evidence of his incompetence, narcissism,
> and boorishness--nonetheless voted for Trump. Three days in, that
> rationale isn't there yet.

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