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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's Victory


I am in disagreement with you on several points and I am working on
trying to understand. 

 To overlook race, is to my way of thinking, a misunderstanding of the
nationalism - idea of great America (not the theme park)--that is at the
heart of both Republican and the right's agenda, (not at all the same
exact group). Republicans by and large may not be quite as extreme as
their far-right versions. The nation which the far-right speaks to is
deeply Euro-centric, and needs to be taken back and outsiders eliminated
--the nation of the let's-say-not-so-racist Republicans is, what--a
place of nostalgia for all kinds of binaries and where white people will
not fear losing out? ---imho, color-neutral/blind or not so -
soft-racist? - so still a cover for the desire to put forth white
dominant privilege, wealth, antagonisms - as every Republican president
in my life time has demonstrated.

(Snip) As for racism, I don't even know how helpful this term is at this

I agree that labeling isn't useful, but I'd argue that racism is an
idea, not a term, and is therefore -in a Wittgenstinian sense--part of a
form of life - and its media--which includes concepts of
deeply-problematic nationalism and perceptions that whites are or have
been sidelined by Obama era - and that's what this presidency wants to
redress - and it's all about equalizing the nation in favor of white -
so binary "racist" logic. 

(Snip)  I think it's only a tiny minority that hold one race superior
(in this case white) and others inferior, and that the superior race has
the right to subjugate the inferior as this hierarchy is legitimized by
the natural and/or spiritual order, and then act on this belief. (Snip) 

Well, I hope so, really, I do,  but the danger lies in those ideas
gaining media and mobilized attention and starting to "make sense" to
borderline liminal types who crave identity. (maybe unconsciously) 

(Snip)The crisis of inequality grounded in biology must be acknowledged
and addressed, and especially now due to global and various national
population shifts.(snip) 

I am sorry, I fail to understand what you mean---or what inequality that
would be grounded in Biology unless you are speaking of the production
of " race" as genetic ? and then I'm triply confused. 


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