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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's Victory

Molly--I wasn't suggesting that racist tendencies or behaviors shouldn't
be addressed. I was only saying that most republicans are not racists,
and that during the recent election the right was driven by numerous
diverse issues and we should acknowledge that if a representative
critique of the current crisis is going to be constructed. The
indifference I spoke of bothers me tremendously, and that needs to be
worked on as well. 

One of the reasons I have always appreciated this list is that the
participants are very careful with language, even in the worst of times
when emotional intensity is peaking. Forgive the generalization, but
when the left starts calling everyone on the right fascists and racists,
it's not helping anything. I just wanted to make a reminder that
conservatism in the US is a very diverse and complex political
continuum, and in a time of fakes news, exaggeration, spectacular
misdirection and misinformation we should be extra vigilant about how we
describe various social constellations, especially the ones we find
troubling. As for racism, I don't even know how helpful this term is at
this point. I think it's only a tiny minority that hold one race
superior (in this case white) and others inferior, and that the superior
race has the right to subjugate the inferior as this hierarchy is
legitimized by the natural and/or spiritual order, and then act on this
belief. What I see far too much of is prejudicial attitudes,
discriminatory behavior, race baiting, and worst of all,
institutionalized racism. (These categories do not always align in an
even pattern, but often conflict with one another.) The crisis of
inequality grounded in biology must be acknowledged and addressed, and
especially now due to global and various national population shifts.
Yes, in the US we could end up back in pre-65 if we do not. In spite of
this fear, I prefer to think about racial inequality in terms of
situations and tendencies rather than essentializing categories of
people. That's what we are trying to get away from. I believe this issue
has already been addressed in past posts. 

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Steven, others,

> In response to...
> Are the republicans voters racist? I think the vast majority are not
> (although that still leaves millions that are). What most republican
> voters are is indifferent to racism. If taxes get cut, and it comes with
> a dash of racism--OK. If regulations on business will be lifted, and it
> comes with a dash of racism--OK. If guns can be owned and existing
> regulations are loosened, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK. If
> small business will get a break, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK.
> There are many reasons right leaning people are voting as they are. I
> don't believe that this election was driven by racism in a material way,
> only in a spectacular way, because the press loves to represent it, and
> people like to look at it, whether it is in disgust, fear, or pleasure.

(Snip)  we can't simply relegate the racist aspect to a function of
over-mediation in the spectacle. can't overlook the racial bias of his
appointees immigration policy records (Sessions), his campaign promises
and slurring...Republican backlash (Tea Party) to Obama. Obama (black
man with education) is key. He epitomizes what racists fear most. The
"birther" story Trump brought to the table to destabilize Obama within
the spectacle - Xenophobic and racist undermining of Obama's strengths.

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