olivier auber on Thu, 24 Nov 2016 16:05:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Search for Terrestrial Intelligence

   "It is easy to imagine that a legitimus-style civilization can evolve
   in a distant galaxy. It is much more difficult to imagine that it can
   emerge here where intelligence seems too often trapped in systemic

   - On Earth as in devoratus civilizations, the trend remains predation
   of resources and increase in energy consumption, with the ecological
   and geopolitical consequences that we know. The networks activated in
   this game (energetical, financial, political, military) are clearly not
   legitimate within the meaning of the STI H6 criteria.

   - As in formabilis civilizations, most of the efforts of research and
   industry converge towards the development of some sort of Artificial
   Intelligence pretending to surpass that of the population. Humans have
   the right to ask themselves what their place is in the midst of AIs,
   and therefore to question the legitimacy of the networks on which they
   are proliferating.

   - As in imitativus civilizations, terrestrial networks are a
   battleground for the control of opinions, emotions, behaviors and
   personal data. Everything happens as if some actors were taking
   advantage of the humans�onfinement in cognitive bubbles and of their
   inability to claim the legitimacy of the networks that maintain them

   - As in pervasus civilizations, terrestrial technologies held by an
   ever smaller number of individuals claim to regulate all the vital and
   cognitive functions of all the others. Natural competition between
   individuals is increasingly engraved in silicon and soon in manipulated
   genes. Social classes threaten to turn into castes, the most favored of
   which is dreaming to become immortal. The breakdown of legitimacy would
   thus be definitive."


   Olivier Auber

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