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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's Victory

Steven, others, 

> In response to...
> Are the republicans voters racist? I think the vast majority are not
> (although that still leaves millions that are). What most republican
> voters are is indifferent to racism. If taxes get cut, and it comes with
> a dash of racism--OK. If regulations on business will be lifted, and it
> comes with a dash of racism--OK. If guns can be owned and existing
> regulations are loosened, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK. If
> small business will get a break, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK.
> There are many reasons right leaning people are voting as they are. I
> don't believe that this election was driven by racism in a material way,
> only in a spectacular way, because the press loves to represent it, and
> people like to look at it, whether it is in disgust, fear, or pleasure.

(Snip)  we can't simply relegate the racist aspect to a function of
over-mediation in the spectacle. can't overlook the racial bias of his
appointees immigration policy records (Sessions), his campaign promises
and slurring...Republican backlash (Tea Party) to Obama. Obama (black
man with education) is key. He epitomizes what racists fear most. The
"birther" story Trump brought to the table to destabilize Obama within
the spectacle - Xenophobic and racist undermining of Obama's strengths.
Ok - so, Obama is part of neo-liberal agenda - what insiders? do to
paint a picture of democracy - but the effects of a black skinned person
as leader...this lies at the heart of the racism of Spencer, whose
appeal to white Euro-centrism is a clear signifier, to the rhetoric of
Conway declaring a defense of the few "white" parents who have lost
their kids to "immigrant" just as important as the injustice
to potential deportees (not doing what they are supposed to). 

Maybe the voters don't know they are racist when they nod approval of an
economic justice that balances out for them...but that's still racism
whether they state it or not. That's a racism in the cloak of economic

Will we return to a more discriminatory society in the US than we have
been since 1965? 

Are critical ideals of equality emblazoned by the speeches of Lincoln
and melting pots a thing of the past?

all the protests suggest not - also perhaps the out rage is also a
function of an effect of Obama. 

just saying... 


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