Frederic Neyrat on Wed, 23 Nov 2016 06:29:30 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's Victory + Badiou

   Hi Steven,

   Concerning fascism - is Trump fascist? - cf. this talk of Badiou,
   "Reflexion on the recent election":
   in which he speaks about a "democratic fascism."�
   Maybe it's not the best way to define the current situation but, again,
   my question is less "who" is D Trump �bu � what he does
   �with whom he is going to work and so on. Concerning the military
   aspect of his politics�let's bet that he will not stop the
   over-militarization of the country. And the over-militarization of a
   society, especially when it targets a specific kind of population
   (black people, natives), is a perfect tool to set the ultra-liberal
   agenda up - an agenda that you described very well.


   Frederic�   2016-11-21 15:19 GMT-06:00 Kurtz, Steven <>:

     I tried to resist this thread, but ultimately cannot. Just a few points.
     Are the republicans voters racist? I think the vast majority are not
     (although that still leaves millions that are). What most republican
     voters are is indifferent to racism. If taxes get cut, and it comes with
     a dash of racism--OK. If regulations on business will be lifted, and it
     comes with a dash of racism--OK. If guns can be owned and existing
     regulations are loosened, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK. If
     small business will get a break, and it comes with a dash of racism--OK.
     There are many reasons right leaning people are voting as they are.

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