Kurtz, Steven on Wed, 23 Nov 2016 06:29:04 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> What is the meaning of Trump's Victory

Brian--The one thing that the first appointments tell us is that Trump
wants "no surprises" from his appointees. They must be reliable. Flynn
will bring on the violence without mercy against those he deems a
threat; however, it will be different in kind from the Neocons.
Trump/Flynn will not be nation building or empire expanding. I believe
that the Project for the New American Century will stay on the trash

Trump can't eliminate the Department of Justice so he has done the next
best thing—appoint someone who will not investigate progressive
complaints nor enforce existing laws against crooked business practices.
Investigations around race or wall street are over. It will be very
telling to see if the FBI will continue to investigate right wing hate
groups. I believe they will. The Alt Right was a healthy grouping of new
voters that turned out to make a difference in tight races, but now they
can only hurt Trump. They have nothing to offer now. The distancing has
already started.

Yes, this situation is very scary, and could rapidly spin out of control.

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On Mon, Nov 21, 2016 at 3:19 PM, Kurtz, Steven <sjkurtz@buffalo.edu> wrote:

To my mind, Trump is more of a deranged fiscal conservative with a few
populist tendencies that he may or may not be serious about.

I agree with the remarks about the economic "program" but what do you
make of Flynn and Sessions? Given the protests already rising at home
and the clashes abroad that are likely to come on strong, these two
deranged security and surveillance hawks look dangerous to me. If you
wanted a recipe for rhetoric and posturing that spins rapidly out of
control, these guys plus a pinch of Bannon and his crowd just might do

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