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Re: <nettime> <nettime-ann> Hackaton exploring the digital landscape

   Since about half a decade, these types of events have become typical
   for the Netherlands and its particular flavor of creative industries.
   Initially, "hackathons" had little to do with hacker culture since they
   adopted (or even hijacked) the term hacking in a broadly metaphorical
   sense. Today, the lines have become blurred as Dutch hacker spaces have
   become involved in hackathon culture. Conversely, new kinds of hacker
   spaces have sprung up that are rooted in hackathon culture, design and
   creative industries rather than in hacktivism or old school hacker

   This needs to be seen from the larger background of the Dutch creative
   sector struggling to be noticed as socially, politically and
   economically relevant ever since the greater visions of Dutch Design
   collapsed with the financial crisis in 2008 and subsequent arts funding
   budget cuts (which indirectly also affected commercial design, since
   many design bureaus got their most prestigious assignments from arts
   institutions). The rise of technology universities as competitors to
   established arts and design schools, and increasingly claiming the
   terrain of "design" and creative industries for themselves, did the

   If you live in the Netherlands, these kind of events have become so
   commonplace that you need a medium like Nettime to remind you of their

   On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 1:50 PM, Andreas Broeckmann <[1]ab@mikro.in-berlin.de> wrote:

     Is it perhaps part of the political problem of our time
     ... that some people actually believe that it is possible to change
     and repair social and political structures that have evolved over
     decades, within just a brief period of time, -- if only the collaborating
     "developers, hackers, artists, designers, psychologists, marketeers"
     have the right ideas and enough Club Mate to, for instance, "Redesign
     the Netherlands in 48 hours"?"

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