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Re: <nettime> <nettime-ann> Hackaton exploring the digital landscape

Patrice, Andreas,

It’s painful to see these charades continuing but in a way, it also
isn’t very surprising. There is tho, without any doubt, a strong
connection between the celebration of digitally enhanced changeless
change and the authoritarian ‘acceleration’ in the name of the people. I
found this image a few days ago. The sentence right in the middle could
have been taken out of a Clay Shirkey book circa 2005. Or, if you
replace ‘Twitter’ with ‘Blockchain’ it could even jump right out of a
recent nettime discussion. Just saying….  


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Out in November: In Defence of Serendipity <> with a preface by Mark Fisher <>

> On Oct 15, 2016, at 1:50 PM, Andreas Broeckmann <> wrote:
> Is it perhaps part of the political problem of our time
> ... that some people actually believe that it is possible to change and 
> repair social and political structures that have evolved over decades, 
> within just a brief period of time, -- if only the collaborating 
> "developers, hackers, artists, designers, psychologists, marketeers" 
> have the right ideas and enough Club Mate to, for instance, "Redesign 
> the Netherlands in 48 hours"?
> ... and that the loud-mouthed can then publically demand such changes, 
> even against all democratic structures and their, at times, healthy 
> latency, and against political reason...
> ... and that, as can be observed for instance in Hungary and Poland, a 
> whole country and its carefully constructed post-dictatorship structures 
> can actually be "redesigned", if not in 48 hours, but then in 48 months. 
> (And the "designers" here are not the happy precariate, but right-wing 
> populists and thugs with their own "psychologists and marketeers".)
> ruminating on a saturday morning,
> -a
> ps: are the new designers of submission, Orban, Kaczyński, and their 
> ilk, accelerationists?
> Am 13.10.16 um 15:42 schrieb renepare:
>> "Redesign the Netherlands in 48 hours "
>> Develop new applications to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy and social 
>> environment.
>> Technology, data, IT and media can help to realize much of the goals of the 
>> new Dutch "Environmental Planning Act" (one law for the total physical 
>> environment):
>> ● Residents gain more influence over their own environment
>> ● Governments, businesses and citizens work together for a (better) 
>> design of the surroundings
>> Will you join forces with other developers, hackers, artists, designers, 
>> psychologists, marketeers to make a leap forward with new technology? 
>> To work on a Netherlands more pleasant and livable all together? 
>> Join the Hackathon by reading the program and register via:
>> You will be able to work with experts and data from the Province of North 
>> Brabant, Municipality of Eindhoven and DataLand. With ICT you can explore 
>> the specific challenges or develop your own concept.
>> The event is part of Dutch Design Week, and will draw attention from press 
>> and government innovators. A follow up with partners involved in this 
>> program is encouraged.
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