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<nettime> India’s Aadhaar project: An Assault on Welfare, Pr

sacw.net - 16 October 2016

India’s Aadhaar project: An Assault on Welfare, Privacy and Democracy,
Need for an Urgent debate

compiled by Aashish Gupta, Praavita Kashyap and Reetika Khera

The aadhaar project, to provide a unique number to all residents in
India, was packaged as a welfare-enabling programme. It was sold as an
initiative for greater inclusiveness in welfare, a tool against
corruption, greater efficiency and so on. Six years down the line,
there is mounting evidence of the destruction of welfare programmes
due to aadhaar-linkage. Moreover, the aadhaar project has a sinister
side to it – it is a surveillance-enabling programme, which threatens
privacy and democratic practice.


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