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<nettime> guha and the algorithm of hegemeny

   i just read the latest perry anderson on gramsci's legacy in hall,
   laclau, guha, arrighi
   didn't know about domination without hegemony - however what struck me
   incredibly is its domination/subordination bifurcation tree so i'm
   gonna share it with you in shorthand (otherwise it's three devalued
   Power = D/S Domination over Subordination
   D in turns depends on the balance between Coercion and Persuasion
   S in turns depens on the balance between Collaboration and Resistance
   there is Hegemony when P>C and Domination otherwise
   Perry (my favorite English stylist and essayist) doesn't go into the
   case when Resistance is higher than Collaboration, which i guess would
   mean the overthrow of dominant elites and the establishment of a
   counterhegemony by the ruled laclau-style.
   Let me consider the scheme in conjunction with continental
   neoliberalism. Let's say that Coercion is increasing vs Persuasion, so
   that Euroliberalism is no longer hegemonic. However collaboration is
   much stronger than resistance. Why? Because there is no
   counterhegemonic project out here. What should Europopulism look like?
   Sunday toffees and coffees,

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