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<nettime> STUNTS: Distributed, Playful & Disruptive

Dear all,

as part of the Disruption Network Lab conference series at Kunstquartier
Bethanien in Berlin, I would like to invite you to the upcoming
conference STUNTS that will take place this Saturday. I hope many of you
will be able to join. Otherwise we will record the conference, and you
will find all the documentation on our video channels (see:

All the best,



STUNTS: Distributed, Playful & Disruptive

Location:  Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
Schedule: 12th of December 2015 (16.30-20.45). In English language.
After conference at SPEKTRUM: B??rknerstra??e 12, Berlin-Kreuzberg (from
Admission: 5 Euro.
Details: http://www.disruptionlab.org/stunts

John Law (original member, Suicide Club and the Cacophony Society;
co-founder, Billboard Liberation Front and Burning Man Festival, USA);
Mustafa Al-Bassam (alias Tflow, former core member of the hacker group
LulzSec, UK); Jean Peters (Intelexit campaign, co-founder of Peng!
collective, DE); Marie Lechner (journalist and researcher, FR); M. C.
McGrath (founder of Transparency Toolkit, USA/DE), Andrea Natella
(former Luther Blissett conspirator, creative director of KOOK Artgency
and guerrigliamarketing.it, IT); Ruth Catlow (co-founder of
Furtherfield, UK).
With the support of the Free Chelsea Manning Initiative Berlin.

Sixth event of the Disruption Network Lab, directed by Tatiana
Bazzichelli, in cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.
In collaboration with SPEKTRUM art | science | community, and Aksioma
Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana.

In the era of big data and in the context of increasingly surveillance
of corporations and government agencies, asymmetries in society become
evident. How to respond in a constructive way to the threat of being
tracked during our online (and offline) moves? And most of all, which
kind or artistic responses can we imagine, if we want to maintain a
playful and disruptive approach? Artists, hackers, hoaxers, mythmakers,
storytellers and disrupters meet to discuss how to challenge closed
systems from within, turning around the idea of "opposition" into the
one of creating distributed, playful and disruptive interventions.

A stunt is an unconventional act requiring particular skills, often
performed by people in extreme or difficult situations. The idea of
political stunts as an artistic and activist practice means to generate
criticism by "performing the machine" which we want to fight - a strategy
adopted by many hackers and artists. The concept of ???political stunts???
goes along with the act of exposing control mechanisms that can effect
both institutions, and media corporations. To reveal social injustices
or misconducts by corporations and governments from within becomes an
artistic strategy.

This event proposes both to expose and to dissipate this tension through
a network of multiple, distributed, playful and disruptive practices.
The goal is to make people aware of such mechanisms, opening up a
critical perspective and a common debate.

More Information: http://www.disruptionlab.org/stunts

Tatiana Bazzichelli (Artistic Director and Curator)
Daniela Silvestrin (Curator and Project Manager)
Kim Voss (Production & Social Media) kim(at)disruptionlab.org

A project funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.
In cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.
In collaboration with SPEKTRUM art | science | community, and Aksioma
Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana.
Media Partners: Furtherfield, taz, ExBerliner.

Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
http://networkingart.eu // http://disruptiv.biz
Twitter: @disruptberlin // @t_bazz
PGP: A87C 3637 03ED 1D1C E6FE E828 1F55 2B2F F5A5 C9A0

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