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<nettime> Algorithmic Regimes / call for clips

Dear all,

as part of the series on "Algorithmic Regimes" we ask for your contributions
in a call for clips:

"Screening the Algorithmic Imagination"  January 22nd 2016

We are planning an audiovisual evening on the power of algorithms. It will
be a cinematic remix of excerpts from movies and documentaries that address,
in whatever way, automatized rule systems: from short video clips portray
formulas of the cybernetic self from hard science to the fidgety figments of
the imagination. 

We want to set up a performative media mesh-up, from a cold war history,
where rational and irrational meet for a ball of Mutually Assured
Destruction, until today's algorithmic predictions to colonize the future.
Mining the archives of the popular imaginary and the deep web of online
portals: from rational choice and game theory to the exploitative invasion
of personal space through ubiquitous devices. An international panel will
live-review the screened cinematic info-bytes and contextualize their

Please send us your personal suggestions for this social video jukebox -
anything from 1-15 minutes. Clips from movies or documentaries ... like Das
Netz, The Trap from Adam Curtis or your favorite SF. Please provides us, if
possible, with exact time cues and download information as well as a short
comment as to its content. We will publish a play list and all contributors
whose suggestions are screened will receive an honorary mention - unless
requested otherwise.

Thanks in advance...


Algorithmic Regimes: 

"Screening the Algorithmic Imagination"  

22. January 2016 19:00, Top Kino Vienna, Rahlgasse 1, 1060

Editors Felix Stalder & Konrad Becker

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