tomislav medak on Sat, 5 Dec 2015 03:55:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Science Hub

   Dear Nettimers,

   here's a call to action a number of us working on digital libraries and
   archives have published on Monday in response to Elsavier's injunction
   against Library Genesis and Science Hub. Due to a problem with
   nettime's Mailman software, the letter failed to arrive after several
   people have tried. Therefore, to avoid any quirk with formatting
   preventing the letter to come through, now we're not pasting in the
   letter. The letter can be found here in
   English and a number of translations people around the world have
   spontaneously contributed over the last couple of days.

   The letter is an attempt to give a voice to the anger that we saw
   percolating across the internet after the sites were taken down. While
   the sites are back online, we think it's time to leave the game of hide
   and seek behind. This gesture is hopefully a first step in establishing
   a network of solidarity for the future struggles. As you will see in
   the letter, we're introducing the identity of 'custodian', which is
   inclusive and hopefully motivating for anyone who cares about
   knowledge, particularly addressing places around the world where
   illegal access is the only way of access.

   As we move on to next steps, we look forward to your thoughtful


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