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Re: <nettime> Art and Google Earth API question [Re: nettime-l Digest, Vol 99, Issue 4]

Dear Esther,

Thank you for sharing. This was imminent as theyâve incorporated many of the features (Google deemed valuable) into their regular maps API. Time to make screencasts I guess.

You can still download the plugin here. Currently works on (at least) Firefox. Apparently you need to quit your browser before installing.

Here is a work I made
I did this with Periscope Project in San Diego, using my Camp La Jolla Military Park data



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>   Dear Group,
>   On December 15 Google will terminate the Google Earth API. Is anybody
>   aware of other networked art, besides of JODI's GEO GOO
>   and our www.250miles.net/map that make use of this plugin and that
>   we can only experience one more week?

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