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Re: <nettime> gentrification of hacking

On 2015-08-26 15:42, Florian Cramer wrote:

>    When Stephen Levy wrote "Hackers" in 1984, his description of hacker
>    culture and his write-up of the hacker ethic were, to a considerable
>    part, based on Richard Stallman. 

Right. And these hacker ethics are derived from the "ham spirit" of the
early 1920ies. That was right after the first ever machine centric war
"Gentrifiction?". Ladies and gents of nettime-list are you for real?
cccamp2015 was like an amateur radio fieldday, but futuristic and
steampunk as well.
Can you imagine a five days outdoor event of 4.800 people in the midst
of nowhere without any blue lights or uniforms ever visible? No fights
none stone drunk, nothing. But 40 GBit local, 10 GBit uplink. 8 GSM
stations, own SIMs, 2.700 fones on the DECT wireless network, all
interconnected. Not to forget the military field 4 KM telephone system
and the ham UHF repeater station. The latter technologies were really in
use, when the nets were run down and +2000 people had to be evacuated
temporarily because all these high tents, antenna masts were not
grounded adequatly any more. 5 days of 37 C and a sandy ground,
surrounded by water. An evil high power capacitor eye in the landscape
facing a another pole in the troposphere potentially VERY evil..
Here is a report what happened...

This is all not about gentrification which is a ridiculously useless
because purely ideologic term btw.
cccamps have always been the breeding ground for projects presented at
congress thereafter.
You could not distinguish between hackers, hams or makers. Rather young
families, even singles or pairs in their 50ies or 60ies.
Wait what? gentrification? What about adding some field research to your
free flow of hypotheses?
73 de Erich M. OE3EMB

Post/scrypt: Jaromil, where the fuq are you when you are needed in a
discussion? LOL


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